Riot reveals when the 2019 ranked season will end and when TFT’s match history will go live

The team also addressed when the Ultra-Rapid Fire game mode will return.

Image via Riot Games

Various Riot Games employees have addressed multiple topics of interest in the latest Ask Riot developer’s blog post, including when the 2019 ranked season will end and when Teamfight Tactics‘ long-awaited match history will be headed to the live servers.

Riot reminded players that this year’s ranked season will end on Tuesday, Nov. 19, but Jon “iamwalrus” Moorman says that this could change “if something weird happens.” It’s unclear what that means, but get your games in now if you’re trying to hit Challenger this season—you only have two months left.

Riot’s TFT product lead Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel also finally gave players a date for when TFT‘s match history will hit the live servers.

“We’re testing our first version for TFT match history on PBE right now, and if everything goes smoothly, it’ll go live in Patch 9.19,” MapleNectar said. “After it’s live, we’ll be looking to make improvements. Look for updates and a more fleshed out version a few patches later.”

So fans should expect the first iteration of a match history for TFT in the upcoming Worlds patch. A match history system has been one of the biggest things that League of Legends fans have been looking for since the release of TFT because many players still have no way to look back at their past games or builds.

Riot also talked about the return of the popular Ultra-Rapid Fire game mode.Principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer said that the team isn’t ready to reveal which patch will bring the return of URF. He did, however, say that the ARURF will be returning “in some form by the end of this year.” Many people have been clamoring for the return of URF since it was one of the most fun game modes available next to Nexus Blitz.


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