Riot releases broadcast stats for the 2021 LEC season

Fans can reflect on 2021 before the start of the upcoming Spring Split.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games shared an info graphic today containing some of the most notable stats for the 2021 LEC season across both the Spring and Summer Split. And between viewership, champion stats, and player stats, the newly released graphic encapsulates the explosive 2021 League of Legends season.

“It’s a cliché, but 2021 really was one of the most action-packed, unpredictable years of competition in the League of Legends European Championship,” Riot wrote.

The 2021 LEC season was one of the most watched of all time, beating out the 2020 LEC broadcast. The two splits combined for a total of 77,472,621 hours watched. The Spring Split hosted 44,348,817 hours watched, while the Summer Split trailed behind at 33,123,804 hours.

The most watched match of the Spring Split took place between Rogue and MAD Lions as both teams made their domestic final debuts in the final match of the season. MAD Lions ultimately won their first LEC title in front of 831,198 concurrent viewers. The highest viewed match of the year for the LEC was between perennial rivals G2 Esports and Fnatic during the Summer Split playoffs as the two legacy organizations battled for the final spot at Worlds 2021. Fnatic won out in a five-game series before 846,491 viewers.

While countless champions rotated in and out of the meta throughout the course of the 2021 season, Viego topped the charts as the most picked with 44 total lock-ins. Closely behind followed Tristana (42), Leona (41), Renekton (33), and Oriana (29).

The LEC had plenty of highlights in 2021, though some players stood out above the rest. The Fnatic rookie top laner, Adam, boasted 28 total solo kills in the Summer Split alone. The Spring MVP, Rekkles, averaged the highest KDA with a 15.25 in spring.

The LEC 2022 Spring Split is set to start on Jan. 14. Before we start this new season of competition on the European main stage, the stats released by Riot reflect on the season past.

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