Riot is looking to reduce queue time for Teamfight Tactics


Image via Riot Games

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Players are experiencing up to 20 hours of queue time for League of Legends’ new game mode, Teamfight Tactics. In an attempt to reduce this, Riot is looking to add a few changes to the PBE.

Hundreds of thousands of players are eagerly awaiting the chance to play TFT before it officially releases on June 25, but most are being forced to wait hours on end. On the regular servers, this wouldn’t be an issue, but in the case of the PBE, it’s a different story. The servers can’t handle the traffic, and as a result, players are left with a login screen.

To tackle this, Riot is testing some new technology this morning that will impact players’ ability to play multiple matches back to back. This will allow more unique players to play over the course of the beta test.

From 10am to 2pm CT, after players play a game of TFT, they’ll have to wait through a timer before they can play again. This, according to Riot, “will allow us to balance the number of games being played next week across players, and help us avoid having as many people stuck in login queues while still letting people play games of Summoner’s Rift.”

Additionally, if all goes according to plan, Riot will turn the queue throttle off after the PBE redeploy in the afternoon, giving even more players the chance to test TFT.

The anticipation for TFT is building fiercely. If 2018 was the year of the battle royale, then 2019 certainly seems like the year of the autobattler.