Riot planning Pyke nerf for Patch 9.21

Will Pyke no longer be in the meta?

Image via Riot Games

Riot has some pretty big changes coming to League of Legends Patch 9.21. Among those changes is a nerf to the consistently strong Pyke, who has been a nuisance in the bot lane for nearly his entire existence.

Mark Yetter, Riot’s lead gameplay designer, tweeted earlier today that Pyke’s HP per level will be decreased by 10, and his passive grey health will drop from 30-81 percent to 20-50 of the damage taken.

Here are the other changes you can expect to see in Patch 9.21.



  • W mana cost changing from 60-80 to 60
  • W damage increasing from 50-150 to 70-170
  • R root increasing from 0.6-2.4 to 0.8-2.6 seconds by distance


  • Q damage increasing from 60-140 to 75-155
  • Q bonus damage to monsters decreasing from 55 to 40


  • Q max HP damage increasing from 6-8 percent to 6-10 percent
  • W attack speed increasing from 50-110 to 70-110


  • Q damage increasing from 50-110 to 60-120


  • Q damage increasing from 80-280 to 90-290
  • E damage increasing from 60-240 to 75-255


  • E shield increasing from 80-220 to 80-240
  • E damage increasing from 80-200 to 80-240

Master Yi

  • Rageblade bug will be fixed



  • E base damage per spin decreasing from 8-24 to 4-20


  • W box duration decreasing 60 to 40 seconds