Riot launches Worlds 2019 collection in League merch store

Celebrate Worlds 2019 in style.

Image via Riot Games

It’s that time of year again. The League of Legends World Championship kicks off tomorrow and to commemorate this year’s international stage and all of the teams in attendance, Riot Games has dropped a new Worlds-themed collection in the online merch store.

For starters, fans can pick up a new special edition XL Elder Dragon figure for $20. The figure stands just over five inches tall and features the Worlds 2019 logo at the base of the Elder Dragon.

Riot also released a new Worlds hoodie. The zip-up jacket is black with orange and white lines running down the shoulder. The Worlds 2019 crest is printed on the back with locations for the events listed above. Fans can purchase the hoodie for $65 in five different sizes.

If hoodies aren’t your thing, there’s a ton of additional clothing available for purchase. From scarves to beanies, Riot has launched a series of Worlds-themed accessories for those looking to spice up their style. Furthermore, fans can purchase Worlds-themed long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, track jackets, jerseys, or joggers.

Additionally, fans will add on a mini Summoner’s Cup figurine, which stands 2.28 inches tall, for purchasing an item from the Worlds 2019 collection before Nov. 10. Those who make any purchase from the store before Nov. 10 will also receive a complimentary Elder Dragon summoners icon.

Worlds begins tomorrow with the play-in stage. Play-in teams will compete in four groups of three teams each for a chance to advance to the main event, which starts on Oct. 12.