Riot launches charity fundraiser for COVID-19 relief

The revenue of sales from several items will be donated to non-profit organizations.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is raising money for COVID-19 relief, the company announced earlier today.

A part of the revenue generated by the sales of a selection of items in the League of Legends store, such as health-related skins, will be donated to several non-profit organizations via Riot’s Social Impact fund.

“This is just one small way we can help make a difference together, and we hope you can join us in making a positive difference in all our communities around the world,” Riot lead producer New001 said.

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The Surgeon Shen, Nurse Akali, and Kennen M.D. bundles will be a part of the items for this charity fundraiser, as well as a special Mega Bundle that includes all of these items and an exclusive icon. The items can be identified in the shop with the Social Impact badge, a white and red Riot logo.

This is Riot’s second charity event related to the coronavirus pandemic following the 48-hour Mid-Season Streamathon in May that raised $630,000.

The event will end on July 23 at 3am CT. The items will then be removed from the store.