Riot is compensating EU Arcade Pass owners with 200 tokens

It's to apologize for recent issues.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games plans to compensate EUW and EUNE Arcade Pass holders with 200 arcade tokens after League of Legends players experienced a host of bugs and issues with the pass.

Originally, players who purchased the pass couldn’t complete their first win of the day and per-game pass missions, denying them a chance to level the pass and unlock the rewards that they paid for.

These tokens will only be given to those who owned the arcade pass when it first became available, however. NA and other servers also won’t get any compensation since there weren’t any issues in other regions.

Players who fail to get their additional tokens when logging in just need to try logging in again. If you still can’t get your additional tokens, reach out to Riot Player Support.

The arcade pass will end on July 29, so make sure to get as many tokens as you can now and unlock all those goodies before they go away forever.