Riot fixes MMR issue in Nexus Blitz to make matches “feel fairer”

Matches should be more balanced now.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained today that an MMR issue in the recently-returned Nexus Blitz mode has been “addressed.” 

This should now put matches on an even keel and keep the skill disparity balanced.

“We’ve addressed an MMR issue that was present for Nexus Blitz day 1,” Meddler said. “Matches going forward [sic] should be better matched and therefore feel fairer as a result.”

MMR, or matchmaking rating, determines the skill value of each player. While this is typically more important in ranked queues to keep matches fair and balanced, players still receive a hidden MMR in non-competitive lobbies.

It appears players jumping into Nexus Blitz were experiencing one-sided matches due to an MMR hiccup. That issue should be resolved now, however.

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Nexus Blitz was initially tested as an experimental game mode in 2018. Following its great reception, Riot decided to bring it back temporarily this year with the Spirit Blossom summer event. An Ionian forest is now the backdrop for the game mode, allowing players to experience an array of fauna and flora.

The popular game mode will likely be vaulted when the Spirit Blossom event ends in late August.