Riot is experimenting with Katarina, Warwick, and Urgot buffs on League’s PBE

Welcome changes or a step too far?

Image via Riot Games

Katarina, Warwick, and Urgot could be in line for some substantial buffs in the next League of Legends patch.

Riot is testing a series of tentative changes to the champions on the Public Beta Environment, targeting on-hit effects and interactions with the Conqueror rune. These changes will see Katarina’s Death Lotus (R), Warwick’s Infinite Duress (R), and Urgot’s Purge (W) counting as separate instances of damage.

This means that Urgot, for example, can now trigger Phase Rush or Electrocute off of just three attacks. The champion could already stack Conqueror with Purge, but he’ll now be able to use items like Eclipse, Ravenous Hydra, and Muramana to his advantage if the changes make it to the live servers.

But do any of the champions need buffs? In solo queue, Katarina has a 52-percent win rate in the mid lane, according to League stats site Warwick has a 51-percent win rate in the jungle, while Urgot has a 50-percent win rate in the top lane. 

The changes could be exactly what Urgot needs to make a splash in solo queue. But as for Katarina and Warwick, they could be a step too far. That being said, though, neither Katarina, Warwick, or Urgot have made an appearance in competitive play this season. The buffs could soon change that.

These changes, however, have yet to be confirmed by Riot and may never see the light of day on the live servers.

The next patch, 11.6, is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, March 17. 

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