Riot details day one hotfix champion changes to Graves, Sivir, and more in League Patch 11.1

Buffs and nerfs are coming to more champs at the start of season 11.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games previewed Patch 11.1 last month, revealing many alterations coming to champions and items at the start of the new season. But now, six new champs have joined the list and will receive some changes in a day one hotfix released alongside League of Legends Patch 11.1 on Jan. 6.

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed today that Ivern, Graves, Taliyah, and Malphite are set to receive nerfs, while Sivir and Varus will be buffed.

Ivern and Graves being nerfed shouldn’t surprise players who have been experimenting with the new items in the preseason. In particular, Ivern will have a two-second increase to his Q cooldown at all ranks and a decreased AP ratio on his E. Graves will see a base AD nerf from 68 to 66, making it a bit more difficult to jungle early. These two junglers have thrived off of access to new mythic and legendary items, making them difficult to play against at all ranks.

Although Malphite and Taliyah are niche picks, they’ve been strong nonetheless during the preseason. Malphite’s W armor damage ratio has been decreased by five percent and his E armor ratio has been decreased by 10 percent. Taliyah has been thriving in the jungle due to her roaming pressure, so her passive movement speed is being reduced.

Sivir and Varus will finally be seeing some love in the ADC role with this hotfix. The two champs have struggled to keep up with priority picks such as Jhin, Samira, and Miss Fortune. Sivir will be given an exceptional amount of base mana, up to 325, alongside flat damage and AD ratio boosts to her Q to help her better sustain in lane early. Varus is getting a decreased five mana cost on his Q at all ranks and a lower cooldown on it at early levels.

Patch 11.1 is looking to shake up the League meta completely as we head into the beginning of the new season. Be sure to check out the other changes coming to champions and items with the first patch of the year as well.

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