Riot celebrates Honor 5 League players by emailing them hand drawn signs

"The game is better with you in it."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players who achieved Honor level five will receive the best reward of all—recognition.

One righteous League fan received an email from Riot today that celebrates their positivity on the Rift with a personalized, hand drawn “thank you” sign, according to a Reddit post.

Screengrab via u/Virree

“You’ve obtained honor level 5 and we know that achieving this level is no easy feat,” the email reads. “As we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of League of Legends, we wanted to send you a virtual shout-out to recognize your achievement. Thank you for being a positive influence in-game.”

Another Honor level five player also showed their “thank you” sign in the Reddit post’s comments.

The Honor system was created to incentivize positive behavior within the League community after Riot noticed simply penalizing toxicity through the Tribunal wasn’t effective. Players can honor teammates after a game, which adds to a five-level progression that rewards players with flairs, emotes, and skins.

Players who are punished for toxic behavior will have their Honor progression demoted depending on the severity of the penalty. While a chat restriction would demote players’ Honor by one level, a 14-day ban puts you all the way down to level zero.

For Honor five League players, “the game is better with you in it.”