Riot applies jungle camp buffs and quality-of-life changes to jungler items in League Patch 10.8

Once again, Riot is making some changes to the jungle.

Image via Riot Games

The jungler role is easily one of the most influential positions in League of Legends, but it’s gone through multiple ups and downs over the past year alone. Riot Games is making more changes to jungle camps and some adjustments to jungler items in tomorrow’s Patch 10.8.

“Junglers are appropriately influential as a role, but we want to reduce the perception that they have to have an aggressive early presence to be effective,” Riot said in the patch notes. “Instead, we’re giving them opportunities for more personal power through proper farming as the game progresses.”

Riot has said before that it wants to push more solo power into junglers so they don’t have to rely on successful ganks to succeed later in the game. As a result, Riot is increasing the amount of experience points a jungler can get from camps at levels above nine.

Players should get 1.35 times more XP at levels nine and above, with between 10 to 13 additional XP per camp. Now, players can rely on hard farming when behind in levels to easily catch up to teammates and opponents.

The developers also want to give a bit more sustain to players and champions that can’t kite as well as others to help them survive when their health gets critically low. The Hunter’s Machete, Hunter’s Talisman, Skirmisher’s Sabre, and Stalker’s Blade all now have a passive that heals for 50 percent more when a player is under 30 percent health.

With more and more champions being added to the jungler pool, many champs don’t have the same tools necessary to survive the damage they take from camps. With these changes, they should be able to get out of the jungle relatively healthy enough to make a gank happen.