Rekkles Vs. Steeelback

Why Rekkles is the player Fnatic fans need, even if it's not the one they want!

Fnatic fans everywhere are split on the proposed swap at the ADC position. Some are overjoyed that Rekkles could return to the team that made him the star he is today. While others are firmly behind #KeepSteeelback, the question is who is truly better for one of the few teams in the world that employs a top lane carry? For most of 2014, Rekkles was believed to be by far the best ADC in the western world. But with FORG1VEN returning to the competitive scene in the 2015 Spring Split and Elements’ blunder of a season, that statement became less and less set in stone. That said, the argument of Rekkles vs. Steeelback is one that is no where near as clear as it would have been had this debate come about last year.

Statistics are used to support opinions all the time in everyday life. But in the game of League of Legends, I honestly do not believe that they’re everything. Team synergy, playstyle, and other intangibles play a major role in what makes a good team into a great one. In spite of his detractors, Steeelback is a EU LCS champion. He played his role masterfully in the Spring Split, as the janitor on a team of hyper aggressive players. In this regard, the 2015 Fnatic line up is not much different from the line up in 2014 with Rekkles, Xpeke, Soaz, Cyanide, and YellowStar. Steeelback has rarely had stand out performances, often underperforming in lane and relying completely on Huni’s teleport ganks to contribute anything to the team. It’s true that he is the 3rd carry of the team and is often placed on support carries. That said, even when he’s on a champion like Kalista or Lucian his presence is almost an afterthought. I’m sure some people will say that Steeelback is exactly what Fnatic needs, a low-priority ADC who performs the best he can while being left to his own devices. That statement isn’t without it’s merits, however I cannot see a world where Rekkles wouldn’t be an upgrade over Steeelback. He is respected all over the world, even by Deft; Arguably the best ADC in the world for the past two years. Elements’ disappointing performance has very little to do with Froggen and Rekkles, and much more to do with Shook’s inconsistency and top laners who do not fully understand the meta. Not to get off topic, let’s think about what Rekkles offers that
Steeelback does not.

Rekkles was at his best when he had strong solo laners who were not afraid to make plays. Froggen, while widely renowned as the best western mid laner of all time, is a passive farm first midlaner. Xpeke was willing to take risks and Rekkles no doubt benefited from that aggression, as the pressure created on the map freed him up to capitalize on the enemy team’s mistakes and clean up the fights. Rekkles is able to take advantage of leads in a way that Steeelback has not. Rekkles becomes a man possessed when he knows he is stronger than the opposition and presses the lead. A trait he shares with the likes of Huni, Febiven, and Reignover. Huni is undoubtedly the main carry of Fnatic and I don’t think that will change if Rekkles was to replace Steeelback. If you watched MSI, Steeelback’s laning phase was by far the worst of any ADC at the tournament. Most people are quick to blame YellowStar’s tendency to roam as the main culprit but I strongly disagree. Steeelback lacks the killer instinct that the top carries in the world possess. Players like Imp, Deft, and FORG1VEN are able to turn a small advantage into a full blown snowball simply through well timed aggression. I want to make it clear that I am in no way a Rekkles fan, I think the way he’s handled his career in the past year is somewhat embarrassing. But Fnatic fans should look passed their distaste for the man and realize that the player will likely make them a true contender for the 2015 World championship.