Rare Atom top laner Cube unluckily dies to minion against eStar in the LPL

The team won and extended their winning-streak to six nonetheless.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Rare Atom’s top laner Cube’s death to minions was the highlight of the series they won over eStar earlier today during the seventh week of the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

In the first game, Cube performed a dive in a one-vs-one on Jayce against eStar top laner zs’ Gnar and succeeded in killing zs under the turret. Cube received three turret hits in the process, however, and ended in the middle of a pack of minions.

Although the fight looked lost for Cube at some point, he hid in a bush and started his back to his fountain. League fans thought he’d make it even with only a few HP left. But one ranged minion turned back and ran to his bush without Cube noticing it. It landed the last hit that unexpectedly killed the top laner.

Every once in a while, minions earn the spotlight in official League of Legends matches by landing the last hit on players or neutral objectives that can turn around the game’s result.

In this case, however, this kill wasn’t enough to turn the tide. RA rapidly gained the edge over their opponents and snowballed their way through eStar’s Nexus despite a balanced early game.

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The second game went pretty much the same way as the first one: eStar players stood their ground in the early game, even getting some kills using successful rotations from mid laner Insulator and jungler H4cker. But they lost the lead after failed teamfights around the neutral objectives, eventually allowing RA to grab the 2-0 victory.

This win brings RA’s record to 7-3 and pushes the players into the LPL’s top four. They’ve shown solid performances after the break by winning their last three series, extending their winning streak to six.

It won’t be easy to keep those wins going, however, since they’ll face off against FunPlus Phoenix on Saturday, March 6, at 3am CT. EStar, on the other hand, will go against JD Gaming on Friday, March 5, at 3am CT.

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