This mysterious rank one League of Legends player somehow has an eye-watering 99.5 percent win rate

Is this even possible?

Image via Riot Games

It’s no secret that League of Legends is a highly competitive game with ranked queues that put the player’s skill, game knowledge, and ingenuity to the test each time they enter Summoner’s Rift. Since League’s community loves the thrill and challenge of the solo queue, the flex queue is normally reserved for competitive groups of friends that look to climb and, above all, have fun. 

League’s player Year Year U Fish is no exception to this rule because this player joined forces with a group of friends to climb the ladder. Although it’s not unusual to see a huge discrepancy between ranks in solo and flex queues due to easy boosting in flex ranked games, Year Year U Fish’s profile stands out from the rest because of its record-breaking win rate of 99.5 percent.

Since this player finished their 2020 season in Bronze and 2021 season in Diamond three, it’s likely that this account has been shared, boosted, or sold to a high-ranking player. It’s also possible that Year Year U Fish is playing with a group of smurfs playing on Platinum/Diamond accounts to play against lower-ranking enemy teams. 

There’s no way of knowing what exactly is happening behind the curtains unless the Riot team looks into this suspicious behavior and conducts a detailed investigation of Year Year U Fish’s group of friends that has been terrorizing the flex queue.