Quinn stars in League’s newest short story called Shield of Remembrance

Demacia needs heroes.

Image via Riot Games

If you were looking for a bit of League of Legends lore on your Tuesday afternoon, you’re in luck. Riot Games released a new short story focused on Demacia’s Wings, Quinn, today.

For those who don’t have a lot of time to read the story, the tale begins with Quinn heading off to escort Garen and his Dauntless Vanguard on a diplomatic mission beyond Demacia’s borders. But her faithful azurite eagle Valor spotted out a burning cabin.

Image via Riot Games

She quickly surveys the smoldering wreckage and realizes that raiders must have attacked the humble home, robbed it, kidnapped the inhabitants, and lit the place ablaze. She quickly set out to find the perpetrators and save the mother and daughter who lived there.

When she finally caught up to the group of raiders, she engaged them in battle with Valor. Before she was able to take down the group’s leader, the lady that they had “kidnapped” stopped her before the final blow while also revealing that the raider group leader was her brother.

In reality, the lady was named Asta, and was actually a chieftain’s daughter from a place called Skaggorn. She met her husband—who was a Demacian—when he and a diplomatic contingent visited her homeland. When he returned to Demacia, she came with him as his wife. Her husband unfortunately died in the war between Demacia and Sylas’ rebellion.

Asta explained that she wanted to escape Demacia for her daughter’s sake, since she still retained the “old blood” that many mages have running through their veins. Although she doesn’t have any magical powers, she’s worried that her daughter might become a mage and get taken away by Demacia.

The sharp-witted ranger eventually decided to let the mother and daughter escape from the borders of Demacia since the situation would only resolve in two ways: Quinn and her other ranger would die fighting the group or they would be victorious but would forever have an enemy in the Skaggorn people.

This new story is Quinn’s third lore piece in her history and her first piece placed into the recent timeline with Sylas’ introduction to Demacia.

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