Quinn is almost definitely going to be nerfed next week in League

Well, at least she should be.

Image via Riot Games

Like us, you’re probably very sick of hearing “VALOR, TO ME!” in solo queue right about now.

Quinn has completely taken over the game, and she’s so dominant that we’re going to go out on a limb and say she’ll probably be nerfed in next week’s patch. If she isn’t, well, she definitely should be.

She currently has the best winrates in three different positions in North America, according to League of Legends stats site Champion.gg—top, jungle, and bot lane. If that isn’t indicative of her current status as an OP champion, we don’t know what is.

Quinn deals a ton of burst damage early in the game, which is something most marksmen can’t brag about. This has allowed her to compete with high-damage non-marksman bot lanes in the current meta, and with huge nerfs to Guinsoo’s Rageblade in Patch 8.13, she’s even stronger than Kai’Sa now, too.

Not only was her kit designed to thrive in a meta like this, but the addition of the Stormrazor has opened her up to power through other lanes, too. Having the guaranteed crit strike at the opening of her combo adds even more potent burst to her kit, and the item allows her to scale harder than her old full-lethality build without sacrificing much early damage.

If you were looking for the perfect champion to take in almost any role in the game and still climb LP, Quinn’s your best bet right now, although we don’t expect her raw power to last much longer.