Quas retires just days after his suspension by Team Liquid

Four days after being suspended indefinitely by his team, one of America’s best top laners has retired from League of Legends

Four days after being suspended indefinitely by his team, one of America’s best top laners has retired from League of Legends.

Last week Team Liquid suspended Diego “Quas” Ruiz, their star top laner, indefinitely for undisclosed reasons—save mention of an “incident” at the squad’s headquarters in Los Angeles. That came as a huge surprise considering Ruiz’s status as likely the best top laner in the League Championship Series (LCS)—a critical component of Team Liquid’s roster heading into 2016.

Today, the player announced his retirement from professional League of Legends, citing struggles with depression and anxiety leading him to begin a new chapter in his life.

“The last couple of weeks have been pivotal for my self-development,” Ruiz told fans in a Twitlonger. “I started taking responsibility over my depression and frustrations about my personal development thus far in my life. You could call it growing up, whatever it is, it has given me more control of what I want to do moving forward. Unfortunately, this process has not been easy and I’ve done it in nonconstructive, aggressive and inappropriate ways that led to behaviors that resulted in my suspension from Team Liquid.”

The team did not disclose what occurred in said incident—at Ruiz’s request—and Ruiz did not reveal those details save to discuss the feelings that lead him to actions he called “unbecoming of any professional athlete.”

Ruiz, 24, believes retirement from pro gaming will get him out of his “comfort zone” and allow him to explore other avenues in life and grow as a person, something he’s perhaps failed to do while focused solely on gaming. Currently he’s planning to go to school and pursue a career in medicine, but will still spend time doing lessons with fans.

One of the first players to emigrate to North America to compete in the LCS, Ruiz moved to Los Angeles from his homeland of Venezuela in 2013 to continue his professional gaming career. He was quickly acquired by Team Curse, becoming a key part of their lineup and leading them to multiple LCS playoff finishes while garnering praise as the region’s best at his position. His departure opens a gaping hole in a roster with high hopes for 2016.

For Team Liquid, this unexpected turn of event leaves them in a tight place during an offseason that’s seen many of the biggest transfers in League history. An unprecedented amount of talent is heading to North America with stars from Korea and Europe making the jump, and big money owners buying into the league, and it’ll be tough for Team Liquid to keep up without one of their star players. 

Photo via Riot Games/Flickr

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