Prime Gaming releases more League of Legends Mystery Skin Shards

They're back.

Image via Riot Games

Prime Gaming is giving more in-game perks to its users that play League of Legends

Starting today, people with a League account linked to their Prime Gaming account can claim a free Mystery Skin Shard.

The shard itself isn’t something you can do much with. But once you claim the prize and log into your account, the shard can be redeemed in the loot tab in-game, rewarding you with a random character skin. 

There’s a lot of RNG involved in what skin you get, so as the Prime Gaming Twitter account explained, it’s best that you cross your fingers. 

If you don’t get the skin you want today, remain patient. More Mystery Skin Shards will become available to Prime Gamers every week or so from now until the end of March. The next drop after today is on Jan. 15, and the one after that is scheduled for Jan. 25. 

In February, there will be drops on Feb. 4, 15, and 25. Even more shards will become available on March 8, 18, and 29.

This isn’t the first time Prime Gaming and Riot have teamed up to give fans skins. This perk mirrors a promotion that the two groups did in the fall.

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