Presenting the NA LCS as Game of Thrones

When you play the game of thrones you win, or you die…If you don’t make it to worlds, then you’re really nothing.” – Yiliang “Cersei” Peng











TSM: The Lannisters

Everyone thought they would be C9’s bitch for another season but now they rule the NA LCS.

Reginald: Tywin Lannister

Always makes the right decisions and rules TSM with an iron fist. It’s hard to tell if his players love him or their just scared of him.

???: Tyrion Lannister                    

The way Reginald kicks his players, one of them is bound to come back for revenge.

Dyrus: Kevan Lannister

Reginald’s respected right-hand man

Amazing: Lancel Lannister                                                                            

A hanger-on to TSM’s success

Bjergsen: Jamie Lannister

The handsome superstar

WildTurtle: Joffrey Baratheon

Nobody can control this guy and he just does whatever he wants. TSM fans (WT’s subjects) freak out whenever he gets bored.

Locodoco: Varys

Knows all of the gossip. Betrayed the SI guys for Reginald.

So that’s why his voice is so high!

Wait, is that Dan Dihn?! Stay tuned for Episode 2!