League players showcase perfect poke from Syndra and Miss Fortune combination

There is no escape.

Two League of Legends players combined to show off a powerful combination of abilities in the bottom lane with Syndra and Miss Fortune.

In the highlight, the duo uses a simple yet effective combination of Force of Will (Syndra’s W) with Double Up (MF’s Q) to produce some impressive results.

A quick ping indicates the start of the combo. As the first blow of Miss Fortune’s Double Up travels toward the target, Syndra’s Force of Will lifts and throws the minion toward an opponent, turning the unsuspecting soldier into a painful grenade. Upon landing, the enemy champion becomes the target for the second Double Up shot.

Getting tagged with a combination of these abilities, especially early in the game, proved to be an unexpected detriment to their opponents’ laning, truly bringing meaning to the phrase “nowhere is safe.”

This isn’t a pair of bot lane picks you’ll see every day. But there’s no denying when it comes to poke, this combination works.

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