Over one million people played League's Clash yesterday

It's been a long time coming.

Image via Riot Games

Over one million players across the globe took part in League of Legends’ competitive game mode Clash yesterday, even though it was still marred by server issues and problems in certain regions.

Clash is League’s tournament mode that pits teams of five against each other to win prizes. It’s been in development for some time now, but its test cycles and final release date have been changing often due to a long history of issues in the beta.

While players in some regions enjoyed Clash to the fullest during this weekend’s test, people in other regions still had major issues. Bugs were putting players into groups who weren’t their intended team and other issues completely prevented them from playing the game.

EU West, for example, had such serious issues that Riot offered refunds for the cost of the premium Clash ticket on Dec. 7 for everyone, regardless of whether they managed to get into a game and compete.

Still, the number of people partaking in Clash matches yesterday shows how excited the League community is about this feature. It’s a great success for Riot, who plans to implement the mode fully in the future.