OpTic increase their win streak to 5 with a victory over FlyQuest

No one saw this meteoric rise coming.

Photo via Riot Games

OpTic Gaming topped FlyQuest in a bloody game today to force their way into third place in the North American LCS.

The Green Wall found an early lead with a four-man dive onto the bot lane, but messy fights all across the map gave FlyQuest a way back into the game. Slowly but surely, FlyQuest took control, and a sneaky Baron gave them all the tools they needed to end the game.

FlyQuest jumped on OpTic mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, and it seemed as if the game was over. With his dying breath, PowerOfEvil landed a five-man stun with Syndra’s Scatter the Weak, allowing his team to win the fight handedly.

The game stalled out after that massive fight, but a strong splitpush from OpTic top laner Niship “Dhokla” Doshi’s Camille slowly tilted the game in the Green Wall’s favor. His pressure allowed them to sneak the Baron and the Elder Drake, and from there, OpTic marched down the mid lane to victory.

OpTic are now on fire, having won their last five games. The team struggled in the first part of the split, but they seem to have found their footing. Dhokla especially has stepped up considerably, and the team’s ability to capitalize on his splitpush tendencies allows them to choke out opponents. FlyQuest could never find a strong engage onto OpTic’s four-man core while Dhokla took down towers in the side lanes, mostly thanks to Terry “Big” Chuong’s clutch Morgana Black Shields.

FlyQuest saw their own win streak snapped, but they’re still poised to make waves in the playoffs. The team’s decisiveness and willingness to be aggressive often surprises their opponents, but they had no counter to OpTic’s disengage.

FlyQuest will look to bounce back against Team Liquid at 2pm CT tomorrow, while OpTic will try to extend their winning ways against Clutch Gaming at 6pm CT.