Only 110 perfect Worlds 2019 Pick’ems remain

The number has dropped quite a bit.

Image via Riot Games

Only a handful of people with perfect Worlds Pick’ems remain after Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix secured victories in the League of Legends 2019 World Championship quarterfinals today.

Out of the 2,682 people that correctly predicted the outcome of the entire group stage, only 110 psychics remain. That’s right—only 1/20 of the original batch of perfect Pick’em players predicted that Griffin and Fnatic would falter in the group stage.

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The 110 fans represent around 0.0023 percent of the total players taking part in Pick’em this year. They’re also the only ones left with a chance of securing the biggest prize of all: a chance to unlock the five League ultimate skins—including Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Elementalist Lux, Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, and DJ Sona.

As for the other 1,800 that failed to predict today’s outcome? Well, they can’t unlock anything else. The prize is only available for those that get every pick right, which has not been achieved for many years now.

As such, the only thing we can say to those unlucky souls that didn’t get today’s matchup correct is “better luck next time.”