One-kill, level 12 Brand takes down level 15 Twisted Fate even after dying

The Card Master didn't see that coming.

Image via Riot Games

While many elements of League of Legends seem balanced, you may occasionally experience some bizarre situations. A Twisted Fate player was a major part of one such situation in which they were shockingly eliminated by a Brand who was severely behind them in terms of levels and kills.

In the clip posted by Reddit user detaramegoeg, a significantly stronger level 15 Twisted Fate was waiting in a bush for the enemy Brand, who was only level 12 at the time. Naturally, TF used Pick a Card (W) and chose the gold one, which stuns the targeted opponent.

Once the Burning Vengeance came close enough, Twisted Fate released everything they had on Brand. The gold card was followed with Wild Cards (Q) and some basic attacks empowered with Stacked Deck (E). The TF’s allied Caitlyn then used Ace in the Hole (R), grabbing the kill as a result.

Still, eliminating Brand didn’t happen as quickly as Twisted Fate likely wanted. Once the stun duration ended, it was the mage’s turn to dish out some damage to the Card Master. Although the Brand player missed some abilities, they managed to use Pyroclasm (R), which bounced back from Raptors and hit Twisted Fate once again.

Brand was three levels and two items down when compared to the enemy TF. So, in theory, they shouldn’t have been a major threat to the Twisted Fate player, especially since they missed some of their skills. But thanks to Brand’s passive and the Liandry’s Anguish in their inventory, the player was strong enough to take Twisted Fate to the grave with them. This interaction moved the Brand player’s scoreline to 2/15/7 in this particular game, while TF dropped to 13/10/10.

This shows that no matter what level a Brand is, you should never underestimate the Burning Vengeance’s enormous damage potential in League.

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