Olaf, Taliyah, Pantheon, and Kai’Sa had 100-percent presence rate during first week of 2021 LEC Spring Split

These champions are defining the competitive meta in the LEC.

Image via Riot Games

The 2021 LEC Spring Split kicked off this past weekend. The 10 best teams in the region showcased their potential, battling each other over three days.

All of the teams had clear preferences when it came to the drafting phase. Olaf, Taliyah, Pantheon, and Kai’Sa were the four League of Legends champions that had a 100-percent presence rate during the first week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

ChampionPicksBansWin rate (%)
Statistics via gol.gg

Olaf, Taliyah, and Pantheon have defined the jungle meta in competitive play so far. Kai’Sa, on the other hand, is in a comfortable spot after the latest item rework, which has allowed her to continue her hybrid itemization to easily bypass tanks while also being able to deliver a lot of damage to squishy champions.

Teams quickly realized how much Olaf and Pantheon have benefitted from the latest item rework. They have a much better build path now and the Mythic Goredrinker item gives them a deceptive health pool, allowing them to restore most of it with its active.

Taliyah, on the other hand, has been greatly improved from the buffs she received a couple of patches ago. Her mobility allows her to impact the entire map quickly in this fast-paced meta where early-game control is decisive. With most games finishing around the mid-game phase, having an early-game lead can help you close it out quickly before teams reach their scaling phase.

Although Kai’Sa had a 100-percent presence rate in the first week of the LEC, she only had a 36.36-percent win rate. The ADC and jungler roles are much different right now. There are plenty of viable counterpicks in both the bottom lane to try to shut down a Kai’Sa, but controlling a jungler is much more difficult, especially if he’s left alone to farm up his camps without his laners taking gold or experience.

Going forward, Taliyah will most likely maintain a high presence rate in the LEC, while Olaf and Pantheon will probably drop down following the latest Goredrinker nerfs on the live servers. Both champions will be highly impacted by the healing nerf on the active item and might not be able to run through games as easily, even if they get ahead.

Kai’Sa is the new default ADC in the bottom lane with her a decent laning phase, which allows her to be blindpicked due to her safe farming potential. She’ll most likely keep this spot in the meta since her itemization feels fluid and the mixed damage threat from her kit makes her a high priority pick in any composition.

The 2021 LEC Spring Split will resume on Friday, Jan. 29 at 11am CT.

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