Nunu’s Snowballs curve around the top and bot alcoves on Summoner’s Rift

Nunu Drift.

Image via Riot Games

If you find yourself in Summoner’s Rift playing Nunu in League of Legends any time soon, there might be something you want to try on either the top or bot lane.

Players over on Reddit have found out that you can actually use Nunu’s Snowball (W) and curve around the alcoves on the top and bottom of the map without the Snowball breaking or hitting what should be a wall.

This can lead to an easy escape, an alarming turnaround, or just a bit of fun. It’s also a way for junglers to set up a surprise gank or counter-gank in the pushes against opposing players.

The new alcoves added in this season 10 pre-season offer laners alternative escape routes for ganks while also giving junglers an area to hide in wait. This has led to champions like Kayn gaining an extra sneaky advantage over opposing players.

As we move more and more into the season, players will surely find more interesting interactions and useful strategies for the alcoves. Maybe by then these alcoves won’t feel kind of useless to some players.