New High Noon Ashe and Darius emotes found in League PBE files

Avarosa’s going south for the winter.

Image via Riot Games

Another batch of High Noon skins may be on their way. League fans have recently unearthed files from the game’s Public Beta Environment that include two new emotes hinting at new western-themed skins for Ashe and Darius.

The PBE files include descriptions for new summoner emotes for High Noon Ashe and High Noon Darius. Ashe and Darius currently don’t have High Noon skins, of course, but the newly discovered emotes seem to suggest that the two champions will soon join the western-themed skin universe.

Users discovered the High Noon emotes alongside a list of World Championship-themed emotes for each of the League of Legends teams attending the international event this year. Additionally, emotes for Riven and Nami’s new Immortal Journey skins are also receiving emotes to coincide their upcoming release, according to the files.

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Little has been revealed about these potentially new skins, but fans are already speculating about what they may look like. The High Noon skin line follows a western theme, although recent iterations of the skin line have taken a more fiery, demonic approach with the release of High Noon Lucian and Thresh. It’s unclear which route Riot will take with the potential Ashe and Darius skins.

Riot typically previews upcoming skins on the PBE every other week on patch days, so fans may get their first glimpses of the Ashe and Darius High Noon skins in the next couple of days.