NA LCS Week 2 Winners and Losers

Week 2 of North American LCS was Operation: Clown Fiesta nearly every team under performed at some point during the weekend. We also saw some of the saddest games of the year, looking at Counter Logic Gaming and Echo Fox. This is a week of losers.

Week 2 of North American LCS deserves the title Operation: Clown Fiesta nearly every team under performed at some point during the weekend. We also saw some of the saddest games of the year so far, looking at Counter Logic Gaming and Echo Fox. This is a week of losers.

Grand Winner

Team Impulse

I honestly never expected this team to do well and it shocks me to have to write their names here, but they deserve it. There really are no words to describe this team right now 2-0 week 2 is quite a feat for this squad. With a great carry game by Seraph game 1, and a very heavy poke comp in the second day giving them these victories. Due to this week we must ask the question is this the real TiP or did everyone else under perform?



Immortals big week for the first half of the split was this week facing undefeated NRG and the all-star lineup of TSM. They took both games in a strong enough fashion to prove they are not flukes and this Immortal lineup is the real deal. The slight bit of shakiness during the TSM game is the only worry this team will face all season most likely. There is no doubt Immortals is one of the play off teams following this weeks games.”



Dignitas lost to Team Solo Mid, but was able to beat Renegades I would consider that a pretty basic week from them definitely not punishable, but I cannot reward the team with the winners list for being par when par is so low. That is why Dignitas gets to be on this section of the list. They did nothing special just went 1-1 beating a bad team, and losing to a good one. Quite average.


Echo Fox

Echo Fox begins the long long list of this week’s losers. Going 0-2 it is obvious why they are on this end of the list. However I am having mercy on them due to their forfeit and loss of star mid-laner Froggen. Another factor in their mercy is the game vs. Team Liquid which was played brilliantly by the lineup until the failure to close the game multiple times occurred. This depressing failure shows promise if this team can close games correctly they may have a chance of being the better of the bad teams and squeeze out of religations, or cheese a playoff spot.


The former summary is why Liquid is here this team cannot survive by praying Piglet can nearly 1v5 every game with some help from Fenix. Their win was embarrassing and they lost to Counter Logic Gaming a team they must be in contention with if their lineup has any hope of getting to a decent standing by the end of the split. They need to get things together including a set roster, and team that can play around their star carry.

Team Solo Mid

Team Solo Mid had one job this week: beat Immortals. They failed to do this and that makes them a loser. The team cannot celebrate due to a victory over Dignitas those are the bread and butter victories that must be decisive games so that they can move onto practicing for the big dogs. Team Solo Mid losing to Immortals is a big hit to their team, and cannot be overlooked at all. There is still time for Team Solo Mid, but they need to mobilize hard and fast.


NRG is in the same boat as Team Solo Mid. This team is another contender for the title and losing to Immortals is a large setback. Even worse their one victory was due to the forfeit of Echo Fox meaning there is no validation in the week. Again much much like Team Solo Mid this team must get things to the level of Immortals. They had one job this week and failed to do it. 

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 or Hai 9? This question must be asked the team under the leadership of Hai decimated Counter Logic Gaming, but under the leadership of BunnyFuFu lost harshly to Team Impulse. This issue needs to be addressed a team losing to Team Impulse especially a team that wants to be playoff contenders has issues, but on the other side of the coin a team beating Counter Logic Gaming is in the running to be a playoff contender. This is a back and forth team, and they need to stabilize soon, or the future will only be Hai 9.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming had a rough week winning against Liquid in a decent fashion, albeit being carried extremely hard on the back of Huhi’s Corki, then being decimated by Cloud 9 and seemingly falling apart. Xmithy hardly hit a cacoon the entire game missing a great deal of memorable ones on Jensen’s Viktor, and Stixxays laning was horrific as well as many of the teams map movements. This needs to be addressed if the team wants future success while teamwork is key as many pros have said; this teams mechanics seems to being tearing apart at the seams.

Biggest Loser


This team like Echo Fox was struck with Visa issue however they were not forced to forfeit like their counterparts. To make matters worse they lost to TiP and Dignitas teams that they need to contest. This week going 0-2 they had the worst record possible against 2 relatively mediocre teams. Maybe when Freeze is back they will rise up, but this week they were on the bottom. They had two fair tries, and both were failures.

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