Musings: Week 7 and Pre-IEM

Midterms got me burned out, so less effort than usual this week. EU Day 1: MYM vs Giants MYM won another game? Wtf is going on. CW vs Elements This game…just…wtf.

Midterms got me burned out, so less effort than usual this week.

EU Day 1:

MYM vs Giants

MYM won another game?  Wtf is going on.


CW vs Elements

This game…just…wtf.  Highlight was definitely the hide and seek game Airwacks and Froggen were playing for like 5 minutes.


NA Day 1:

Dignitas vs Coast

Pretty one sided, even after Dignitas almost threw at baron.  I think the baron throw was a next level disrespect move, since Dig won the first game after Coast threw at baron.


Gravity vs CLG

The Brown Flame showing Hauntzer how to play Hecarim…before he got arrested for that beating.


Winterfox vs TSM

Paragon + Altec played pretty well, defying the expectations of 95% of the reddit community.  TSM held their own despite giving up two kills at level 1, and just played the waiting game until the late game where the Koreans dun goofed and TSM won.


Impulse vs Cloud 9


The split pushing kept Clown 9 in the game, but that doesn’t help when the Karthus has a RoA and Archangel Staff pre-20 minutes.  And the fact that he can shoot down the Corki without any help.


Liquid vs Team 8

Piglet played pretty well, but the solo lanes were performing pretty poorly.  Either Liquid needs to borrow Gleeb’s bipolar medication so they can play with Piglet, Piglet needs to play more like Keith, or just keep Keith since he actually meshes with the team well.  A team with jackets this cool should be in a better position than this.


NA Day 2:

Cloud 9 vs Dignitas

The Bipolar Clown 9 went from getting rekt yesterday to stomping today.  Godbless.


TSM vs Team 8

Proving that TSM’s week 1 loss was a fluke.


Liquid vs Impulse

If it wasn’t for Impulse getting lucky and limping out of a few fights, this could’ve been a close match.  But close doesn’t count for squat and Impact was able to dish out a stomping for his birthday while XWX played farming simulator again.


Gravity vs Winterfox

Aside for some little slip-ups, this was pretty much the result:


CLG vs Coast


IEM Predictions:

Honestly, is anyone surprised?  I still believe in the team formerly known as Da Burrs (Yoe Flash Wolves) to come up big and get into the semifinals at least.