5 March 2015 - 06:18

Musings: Week 6

Oh, I forgot to post this, my bad. I got swept up in some headache-inducing code and forgot about this. At least it isn’t on the day of the EU LCS. EU Day 1: Elements vs MYM Krepo with the Balista break the losing streak.

Oh, I forgot to post this, my bad.  I got swept up in some headache-inducing code and forgot about this.  At least it isn’t on the day of the EU LCS.


EU Day 1:

Elements vs MYM

Krepo with the Balista break the losing streak.  Although it was MYM, so really anything could have worked.


EU Day 2:

SK Gaming vs Elements

SK won by far while Froggen took build notes from Darien without channeling the swag.


Unicorns of Love vs MYM

You didn’t misread that; MYM actually won a game, thanks to very sloppy play from the Unicorns.  This is what happens in the Circus Scene of EU.


Bonus: MYM’s chances

Now that MYM finally won a game, can they actually dig their way out of the auto-relegation hot seat?  Considering the only team they’re up against that they could beat is Giants, I doubt it.  Then again, this is the circus scene of EU, anything can happen.  As for the players after relegation, I doubt they’ll move to different LCS teams, since all of them have no need to replace one of their players.


NA Day 1: Hecarim Goes to NALCS

Coast vs Cloud 9

Honestly was there anything else expected?



Team 8 vs Impulse

An exciting game considering how sloppy it was after Team 8 started to throw away their lead.


Liquid vs Gravity

Quas carried against the super meme team of Hecarim top and Nidalee jungle.  Remember kids, just because it’s popular in Korea doesn’t mean you can actually pull it off.

Also dammit Gravity, stop killing the 100% win rates.  At least it was Nidalee’s win rate you killed, so I’m not so mad.


TSM vs Dignitas

Even if Azingy packed the right runes on Vi, this still would have been the result:



CLG vs Winterfox

When both AD Carries in a double ADC comp get fed early, enough so that Ezreal has a 7 minute manamune, then you know the game is over.  Also I think this is the first game I’ve seen where CLG did not make a mistake late-game.

Also dammit people, stop trying to make Korean things work.  At least this game,  the top lane Hecarim showed promise, even able to help obliterate Link with a teleport flank and homeguards. 


NA Day 2: Blue Shell Day

Gravity vs Coast

Unfortunately for Coast, close only counts in horseshoes.  If they managed to pick up those close kills, then this could’ve been an interesting match.  Instead it was another one-sided match-up against Coast.


Cloud 9 vs Winterfox



Impulse vs TSM

The curse of the 90% vote continues while Wildturtle has just absolutely horrible positioning.


CLG vs Liquid

Liquid proving the first week wasn't a fluke.  #KeepKeith



Team 8 vs Dignitas

The fatman’s juices proved too overpowering for Azingy’s Fiddlesticks.


Bonus: Coast’s chances

Considering they need 3 wins to even tie Dignitas, and this isn’t the circus scene that is EU, I doubt they can even get close to that.  They can probably beat Dignitas but that’s it, unless Impulse decides to not show up.  As for their players, it seems to be the same as MYM, where all the other LCS teams have no need to replace one of their players.


Bonus 2 Electric Boogaloo: Azingy’s first week

Game-wise it was about as difficult as Cloud’s first week, but unlike him, Azingy couldn’t pull out a win.  Overall Azingy is definitely more skilled and experienced; he just had an off week.  Trading one solo-queue jungler for another obviously did not fix Dignitas’ problems; they need to actually get a support staff set-up or risk getting relegated by the 2nd or 3rd place Challenger teams (I have a feeling that Team Fusion will be the ones to do it).


Source for the comics: http://explosm.net/comics/2103/  
I love this comic just because it so accurately shows a one sided match.
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