Musings: LCS weeks 4 and 5

Pretty late considering the first day of the EU was today, but I doubt that matters. Took longer than I thought to make some pictures and school/League consumed a day. Oh well, enjoy friendos.

Pretty late considering the first day of the EU was today, but I doubt that matters.  Took longer than I thought to make some pictures and school/League consumed a day.  Oh well, enjoy friendos.


Week 4


EU Day 2: I only care enough to talk about one EU game this week

Gambit vs Elements

Honestly the biggest shock of the week, considering Gambit’s start that was MYM levels of bad.


NA Day 1: the appetizer

Team Coast vs CLG

Almost a year has passed and the adage still rings true, even with a new roster.


Winterfox vs Impulse


Dignitas vs Cloud 9


Team 8 vs Liquid


Gravity vs TSM

Cop’s backpack wasn’t big enough to carry the entire team.


NA Day 2: The main course (with some sides)

Winterfox vs Cloud 9

The Bipolar Clown 9 underestimated the power of the Notorious P.O.B. and his twin brother.  Meanwhile, Gleeb is still a good replacement for Imagine while he is getting Brokensharded.


Impulse vs Coast



A match with NFL-levels of hype behind it deserves more than a couple one-liners and/or a picture. 

This was a rather standard lead from CLG for most of the game; leading in towers (mostly), keeping TSM from taking a dragon, and keeping Bjergsen from getting fed.  Even getting a baron ~31 minutes in uncontested.  Then the standard late-game misplays happened that made every CLG fan cry like they did plenty of times last year. 

It starts with a fight where Link does this:

Pictured: the newest CLG nightmare.

Near the end of that fight, Doublelift dove in to try to kill Wildturtle only to get rekt instead.  He might have died if he had Valkyried away instead, but it would’ve been preferable to just getting rekt while doing hardly anything.  This was the fight that TSM needed to get back into the game, and from there the game was rather even, despite the second baron going to CLG.  Then during a fight around dragon, Doublelift decided to chase after Bjergsen…into the entirety of TSM.

Pictured: How to Overextend by Doublelift.

After that fight, TSM went on to close the game rather easily.  With a trip to the IEM World Championships secured, CLG fans await eagerly for the GE Tigers to style on TSM so hard that they all break out in tears.


Gravity vs Liquid

Saint and Cop get their revenge on their replacements.  Also, WHY WOULD YOU GIVE BUNNYFUFUU HIS BEST CHAMPION?!?


Dignitas vs Team 8

Solo queue at its finest.  #Kassawin


Bonus: NA Challenger funtimes

C9T would have won without the use of their “ringer”, considering said ringer was the goddamn analyst and is probably not nearly as good as their support.  Doesn’t matter really, they dun goofed by being morons.

Then there’s TSM Darkness, who kinda spit in Clown 9 Tempest’s face by picking up the team they beat with the “ringer”.  I never thought I’d see the day where the Master Tactician and The General would be playing under the same banner (kind of at least, since The General is busy entertaining people with his stream from the retirement home).  I still hate the name though, partially because they didn’t follow the trend CLG and C9 had and revive their old 2nd team, TSM Evo.  In addition, the name isn’t very fitting since Azingy is not a Nocturne main, although Fiddlesticks is one of his main champions, which fits the name loosely.


Week 5

EU Day 1:

Elements vs Giants

The most notorious game this week, namely because of Elements throwing so hard that it makes Dignitas Baron calls look good.  During the last 3 minutes, I assume this is the reaction of their fans.


Fnatic vs SK Gaming

Fnatic cockblocked yet another win-streak.


EU Day 2:

EU Personified, everybody loses to everybody, except MYM because they’re still a dead team.


NA Day 1:

Liquid vs Koreanfox

Quas’ AD Fizz top meme wasn’t strong enough to beat I M A G I N E B O Y S.


Team 8 vs Gravity



Cloud 9 vs Impulse

Support Veigar OP, coming to a solo queue game near you.


Dignitas vs CLG

CLG start off with a level 1 invade that Dignitas saw, tried to punish, and ended with 2 kills for CLG.  The game only went downhill from there….aside from the patented CLG misplay in the late game.


TSM vs Coast

Replacing Jesiz with Mancloud didn’t fix their problems, what a shock.


NA Day 2:

Similar to EU Day 2, except the top team lost after they experimenting by putting the mid laner on a farm heavy champion instead of his more standard playmaking champions.


C9 vs CLG

Patented CLG Slump…maybe?  They started losing the game after picking a fight when C9 hit their big power spikes on Corki and Rumble, and Balls just kept sending them to the gray screen with equalizer after equalizer.


Liquid vs TSM

Pentaturtle kept TSM in the game, even with all inhibs down.  Liquid had to backdoor when they had a huge lead, kinda sad really.


Winterfaux vs Dignitas

They put Shiphtur on Kassawin, and he did not disappoint by hard carrying Dignitas out of the dumpster…for now.


Coast vs Team 8

The only team that’s deader than Coast is MYM, at least for now.  Coast has the better chance to get a win, but if they don’t next week they’ll join MYM in the dumpster.


Impulse vs Gravity aka gender wars

Rather janky team comp from Impulse, going with an all support composition that managed to paper cut Gravity to death, partially due to some misplays from Saint’s Biker Gang.


Bonus: the dying jungle

Seriously, Riot is just killing the jungle with all these broad changes that noticeably impact every jungler EXCEPT the top 4-5 junglers.  All for the sake of “Jungle Diversity”.  I honestly liked playing jungle, but with all the nerfs, my favorite jungle bug Kha’Zix being nerfed on top of the jungle changes (which was unneeded), and the low amount of gold available, I hate it now.  After a couple more patches of this crap, I think we’ll be going to a double top meta boys.


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