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MSI Overview

A brief overview of some stats, from the teams who has qualified for the Mid Season Invitational.
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On wednesday May 4th the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) begins, and during my research for a video I came across some stats. The video never ended up happening, so I thought I'd share my stats in an article instead. 

MSI has 6 teams competing again eachother. Éach of the "invited" teams is there because they won their region's playoff, and get to represent them at this tournament. 

From the NA LCS we have Counter Logic Gaming

From the LMS we have Flash Wolves.

From the EU LCS we have G2 Esports.

From the LPL we have Royal Never Give Up.

From the LCK we have SK Telecom.

Finally a spot is given to the winner of the International Wildcard Invitational which this year was the turkish team SuperMassive. 


CLG was founded in april 2010, and have been a part of all six seasons of League of Legends. Their more recent merits include winning two consecutive splits in the NA LCS, this one and the last, which qualified them for the 2015 World Championship.

CLG qualified through the NA LCS, which is played in the format of BO1 Double Round Robin. The top six teams qualify for playoffs, with the top two teams given a bye to the semi's, and all games are BO5. CLG finished 2nd in the regular split with a 13-5 record. In the Semifinals they faced off against Team Liquid who they beat 3-2, and then in the finals they reclaimed their title with a 3-2 victory over TSM.

CLG has played a total of 28 games this season. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

Darshan (TOP) gw% Xmithie (JNG)gw% Huhi (MID)gw% Stixxay (ADC)gw% Aphromoo (SUP)gw%
Ekko5360 Elise7571 Leblank6466,66667 Lucian8562,5 Bard8675
Poppy44100 Reksai6467 Corki5480 Caitlyn6583,33333 Morgana7571,42857
Fiora44100 Nidalee5480 Ryze4250 Ezreal5480 Braum5240
Jax3267 Gragas3267 Twisted Fate3266,66667 Kalista5360 Soraka33100
Ryze3133 Kindred3267 Ekko22100 Tristana2150 Alistar22100
Gangplank2150 Udyr22100 Lissandra2150 Ashe100 Janna100
Graves22100 Graves100 Anivia11100 Corki11100 Lulu11100
Gnar11100 Poppy100 Azir11100      Trundle100
Maokai100      Lulu11100          
Pantheon11100      Viktor100          
Trundle100      Zed11100          
Yasuo100      Zilean100          

Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves first got their start back in 2013, and have been a top three teams in all the regional splits they have participated in, and finally won this years Spring playoffs. They qualified for the World Championship for the first time last year in Season 5 and ended their run in the quarter finals.

Flash Wolves qualfied by winning the LMS. LMS is played as a double round robin BO2, with the top four teams qualifying for playoffs. A 2-0 win gives you 3 points while a 1-1 draw gives each team 1 point. Flash Wolves finished the regular split in 2nd place with a record of 9 wins, 2 ties and 3 losses. In the playoff gauntlet they beat Machi in the semi's 3-0 and AHQ in the finals also 3-0. 

Flash Wolves has played a total of 34 games. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

MMD (TOP)gw% Karsa (JNG)gw% Maple (MID)gw% NL (ADC)gw% Swordart  (SUP)gw%
Poppy55100 Elise131076,92308 Gangplank7685,71429 Ezreal12975 Thresh 131184,61538
Lulu4250 Kindred6466,66667 Zed6583,33333 Kalista66100 Alistar9888,88889
Nautilus4250 Lee Sin6466,66667 Leblanc4375 Corki55100 Trundle33100
Maokai 33100 Nidalee4375 Ryze4375 Lucian55100 Braum3266,66667
Ekko33100 Gragas22100 Azir3266,66667 Caitlyn11100 Morgana3133,33333
Graves11100 Graves22100 Quinn33100 Sivir100 Poppy3133,33333
Gangplank100 Rengar100 Nautilus22100          
 5        Lulu2150          
Rhins (TOP)gw%      Ahri100          
Trundle33100      Ezreal100          
Tahm Kench100                    

G2 Esports

G2 was founded by Ocelot back in February 2014. They finally qualified for the LCS this split, and managed to turn their rookie split into a 1st place finish.

The EU LCS is played in a similar format as the NA LCS, with a double round robin BO1 and the top six teams go to playoffs. The top two teams get a bye to the semifinals. G2 finished their first split in first place with a 15-3 record. In the semifinals they beat out the reigning champions Fnatic 3-1 and in the finals they also beat their opponents, Origen, 3-1. 

G2 has played a total of 26 games. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

Kikis (TOP)gw% Trick (JNG)gw% Perkz (MID)gw% Emperor (ADC)gw% Hybrid (SUP)gw%
Poppy5480 Graves10880 Lissandra44100 Lucian11981,81818 Braum10880
Ekko33100 Nidalee6583,33333 LeBlanc33100 Kalista6583,33333 Thresh6583,33333
Malphite3266,66667 Gragas33100 Ryze3266,66667 Ezreal4375 Bard33100
Nautilus3266,66667 Kindred22100 Zed3266,66667 Sivir4375 Trundle3266,66667
Trundle3266,66667 Lee Sin22100 Ahri3266,66667 Caitlyn11100 Janna22100
Fiora22100 Elise11100 Azir22100      Alistar2150
Rammus22100 Rumble100 Corki22100          
Tahm Kench22100 Udyr100 Lulu22100          
Maokai11100      Viktor2150          
Shen11100      Gangplank11100          
Lulu100      Twisted Fate100          

Royal Never Give Up

RNG traces all the way back to 2012, and reached the finals of the world championship in season 3 and 4. This split was their first LPL title though.

The LPL is played with two divisions of 6 teams. Each teams plays a Double Round Robin BO3 against the teams in their own divison, and a Single Round Robin BO3 against the teams in the other division. Top four in each divison qualifies for the playoff, with the winners getting a bye to the semifinals and the second place getting a bye to the quarter finals. RNG finished the regular split first in their division with a 13-3 record. In the semifinals they beat WE 3-2 and took out EDG in the finals with a 3-1 victory. 

RNG has played a total of 47 games. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

Looper (TOP)gw% Mlxg (JNG)gw% Xiaohu (MID)gw% Wuxx (ADC)gw% Mata (SUP)gw%
Poppy131076,92308 Graves131076,92308 LeBlanc11981,818182 Lucian8675 Alistar171482,35294
Ekko7571,42857 Nidalee10770 Azir10660 Kalista5480 Braum11654,54545
Maokai7571,42857 Kindred7685,71429 Lissandra6350 Tristana44100 Trundle8562,5
Nautlius5360 Ekko44100 Varus5360 Ezreal3266,66667 Thresh6583,33333
Quinn4375 Gragas44100 Lulu33100 Vayne2150 Poppy2150
Lissandra3266,66667 Elise300 Corki3266,666667 Miss Fortune2150 Bard11100
Trundle3266,66667 Lee Sin2150 Ryze22100 Jhin2150     
Tahm Kench2150 Reksai200 Ezreal11100 Kogmaw11100 Leyn (SUP)gw%
Rammus11100      Kassadin11100 Twitch11100 Thresh 11100
          Viktor11100 Corki100 Braum 11100
LetMe (TOP)gw% Insec (JNG)gw% Zed11100          
Nautilus11100 Gragas11100 Quinn100 Namei (ADC)gw%     
Trundle11100 Master Yi11100      Sivir9888,88889     
          Sask (MID)gw% Lucian5360     
          Ekko11100 Kalista2150     
          Fizz11100 Ashe11100     


While SKT the esports organisations goes all the way back to 2002, they first entered the League scene in 2012. They won both of the world championships that they qualified for in season 3 and season 5, and this split was their 5th LCK and Champions title.

LCK is played as a Double Round Robin BO3 with the top five teams going to playoffs. SKT finished the regular split in 3rd place with a 12-6 record. In the playoff gauntlet, they first beat Jin Air 3-1, then KT Rolster 3-0 before taking on the ROX Tigers in the finals. They were able to win 3-1 in the finals and qualify for MSI. 

SKT has played a total of 52 games. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

Duke (TOP)gw% Blank (JNG)gw% Faker (MID)gw% Bang (ADC)gw% Wolf (SUP)gw%
Maokai121083,33333 Kindred10990 Lulu10770 Lucian161062,5 Alistar171164,70588
Poppy11654,54545 Graves10660 Corki6583,33333 Sivir121083,33333 Trundle131076,92308
Fiora5360 Elise6466,66667 Azir6466,66667 Ezreal10660 Braum10550
Gangplank4375 Gragas4250 Lissandra6350 Kalista7685,71429 Tahm Kench7571,42857
Tahm Kench4250 Nidalee4250 Zilean33100 Corki3133,33333 Thresh44100
Trundle4250 Lee Sin11100 Twisted Fate33100 Miss Fortune2150 Bard100
Ekko3266,66667      Karma3266,66667 Tristana11100     
Gnar22100 Bengi (JNG)gw% Viktor3266,66667 Vayne100     
Gragas22100 Elise55100 Cassiopeia22100          
Nautilus2150 Reksai 4375 Gangplank2150          
Quinn2150 Graves3266,66667 Ekko11100          
Rammus11100 Udyr200 Vel Koz11100          
     Lee Sin11100 Fizz11100          
     Evelynn100 Ezreal100          
     Rumble100 Jayce100          
          Scout (MID)gw%          


SuperMassive was created in the beginning of 2016 and competed in the Turkish Champions League Winter, where they finished first and got a spot in the IWCI.

The IWCI is the top teams from the remaining regions playing a Round Robin BO1 group stage, with the top four teams going to the BO5 bracket play. SuperMassive finished first in the group stage together with Hard Random and INTZ e-sports. They won over them in the tie-breaker match to get the first place seed. In the semifinal they won 3-0 against Saigon Jokers, before meeting Hard Random again in the final, taking the longest straw again with a 3-1 win. 

They have played a total of 46 games this split. 

This is their roster, with their champ pool and win rates this split:

Thaldrin (TOP)gw% Stomaged (JNG)gw% Naru (MID)gw% Achuu (ADC)gw% Dumbledoge (SUP)gw%
Maokai8675 Graves10990 Leblanc11872,72727 Lucian201470 Poppy161168,75
Ekko44100 Gragas10880 Azir8675 Ezreal151173,33333 Bard151066,66667
Fiora4250 Elise10770 Lissandra6583,33333 Kalista6466,66667 Elise4375
Graves33100 Kindred8562,5 Corki6350 Caitlyn2150 Alistar4250
Nautilus33100 Reksai22100 Lulu4375 Jhin11100 Thresh33100
Poppy3266,66667 Lee Sin200 Orianna4375 Miss Fortune11100 Janna11100
Malphite2150 Rumble200 Viktor22100 Sivir100 Morgana11100
Trundle2150 Mundo11100 Quinn2150      Braum11100
Lissandra11100 Sejuani100 Ahri2150      Trundle100
Shen11100      Karma100          
Tahm Kench100                    
fabulous (TOP)gw%                    

These are the six teams competing at the MSI this year. I hope this gives a bit of an overview on the teams participating. Enjoy the tournament. 

A shoutout to Esportspedia and Oracle’s Elixir for information on the teams and stats about the players.

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