Missing talent in League of Legends LCS,OGN and other regions.

Now in traditional sports every year new prospect rise eventually getting drafted straight to pro or they have to go through the farm system to develop there talents.

Now in traditional sports every year new prospect rise eventually getting drafted straight to pro or they have to go through the farm system to develop there talents.  So now we have several new rules that Riot has implemented that we need to discuss before the main topic.

With coaches at “pick and bans” is now mandatory is kinda extreme assuming substitute coaches can happen. This rule is really going to help out teams on odd picks and bans. Also lets team and the coaches with a couple of minutes get some last minute strategy going into the game. The next rule i want to discuss is the two foreign players per team.

Now that team started importing players from other regions less local talent will be able to burst into the scene. Which is why riot implemented a rule where you can only have 2 foreign players per team. After a certain amount of time they will be considered part of NA. This rule really helps the local talent of each region. Some players are exempt from this rule for example Bjsersen from tsm and Quas from Curse they already competed in 2 splits before the rule was implemented.

Now the final rule is the elimination of sister teams in the LCS,OGN and other regions. This rule can be good in terms to not have a monopoly which i believe this what riot is aiming for. The reason it can be bad to not have scrim partners or an extra set of friends that can help u improve in certain aspects of the game. I personally don’t like this rule to much which leads to my main topic on how an organization can promote new talent or switch players between teams. The Samsung organization made this idea work and payed dividends with both teams going to worlds.

As you all know most of the top talent has been influenced by soloqueue Ladder if you impress a pro player a team will scout you.  The Coke league needs changes more attention by the community and the riot. This is the league we need to improve our local talent for example the winner of the coke league automatically gets promoted automatically to the LCS since they deserve the spot by replacing the last place team in the LCS.  The relegation tournament should be for the  sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth place teams.

The ranking system for the last few years has made the pro Scene. The ranking system  AKA solo queue/yolo queue in league of legends is a hard journey for the average,good,great and highly skilled players.  Riot obviously has a lot of things to fix like elo boosting, should smurfing be allowed by pro players which takes up a slot from other players, and how much can one player influence a team game aka one trick ponies.

Everyone saw IEM Cologne Doublelift could not carry 4 people on his back to a team with better coordination. Why should that also happens in Solo queue. How are we going to get new fresh faces in local talent. The first thing riot should do is the removal of challenger and master division from ranked 5s. To make a new league replacing buy making 5 different tournaments that don’t have to be broadcasted. If a team has already qualified they cant enter the other tournaments. This can promote a healthier ranked 5 environment. Solo queue MMR should not be applicable to Ranked 5s. To new hope that riot makes an effort to improve the local scene.

Thank you guys for reading sorry my grammar i will get better probably get some help. My next article i want to straw pole http://strawpoll.me/3271193