Misfits Gaming make monstrous 13K gold comeback against Fnatic in week 8 of LEC 2022 Spring Split

You can truly never count the Misfits out.

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games via Flickr

Misfits Gaming astounded Fnatic in week eight of the LEC 2022 Spring Split today with a massive comeback that kept their hopes for top two alive.

No matter how far the Misfits fall behind, the bunnies somehow find a way to keep the game competitive, and today was no different. Today’s match against Fnatic had major implications towards the end of the season standings. 

With just two days of competition before the end of the regular season, Misfits went into today’s matchup with an 11-5 record and in third place just behind Fnatic. A win for Fnatic meant they would secure their spot in the top two. A victory for Misfits, however, would place them in contention to possibly finish in first place at the end of the regular season.

In one of their most important games of the split, Misfits drafted a composition set for the late game while Fnatic’s composition was centered around early to mid-game dominance. This lack of an early game showed early on.

The Misfits fell behind at the four-minute mark when Fnatic support Hylissang hooked Misfits AD carry Neon and the Fnatic bot lane got two kills in a failed tower dive from Misfits. Then, to make matters worse for their opponents, Fnatic jungler Razork and mid laner Humanoid killed Misfits mid laner Vetheo, creating a quick three-for-zero trade for the side of Fnatic.

Shlatan answered back with one kill, but Razork’s Hecarim continued to snowball a lead for the Fnatic bot lane. Fnatic jumped up to a 4,000 gold lead at 15 minutes and every player on Fnatic was ahead of their Misfits counterpart. Misfits attempted to make plays against the snowball, but Fnatic won all the major fights and the Misfits fell behind 13,000 gold at 26 minutes into the game.

It looked like Fnatic would close out the important series against Misfits, but at the Baron, Shlatan landed a crucial kick onto Humanoid, helping Misfits reverse the massive deficit they were in to ace the entire Fnatic team.

Misfits closed the gold lead down to just 3,000 between the two teams as they postured for map control, culminating into a fight around Baron at 35 minutes. Misfits secured Baron, killed four members of Fnatic, and pushed into the Fnatic base. Misfits stunned their opponents in a comeback victory and kept their hopes for the first seed in the LEC 2022 Spring Split Playoffs intact.

This win has moved Misfits into a tie with Fnatic for second place in the LEC 2022 Spring Split Playoffs, a spot that Fnatic has held close to themselves throughout the entirety of the split.

Now, with just one game left for them, Misfits are in control of whether they finish in the top two or end Spring in third place. They look to end their regular season strong against SK Gaming tomorrow, March 6.

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