Master Yi’s Q can reportedly be heard in Fog of War in new League bug

A new bug has made it in to League.

Image via Riot Games

Since Patch 12.5b went live in League of Legends, some players have reported that they can hear Master Yi’s Alpha Strike (Q) when the champion is in the Fog of War.

Proof of the bug has been demonstrated by a YouTuber named Damood, who showcased some examples on the video platform today.

Damood presents a couple of cases for this bug. It looks like players need to see the enemy Master Yi before they can hear him using Alpha Strike in the Fog of War. In the video, Damood doesn’t hear the skill being used before they saw the enemy for the first time in the game.

What’s more, the creator of the video says that “this bug seems to be based on proximity of where I saw him last.” But judging by this clip, that doesn’t seem to be true. Once Damood returns to base and the enemy Master Yi uses his Q on the Red Buff in his jungle, it can still be heard by the other player, who is on the other side of the map.

This bug may be a result of recent changes to Master Yi. The champion was buffed in Patch 12.5, which resulted in his win rate going up by a few percent in many rankings. Thus, Riot Games decided to release a hotfix last weekend, which collapsed his win rate below 30 percent in some ranks. So, the developers tried again and released Patch 12.5b yesterday, which buffs Master Yi once more.

It’s possible that so many updates to the champion in the span of one week created some bugs like the one shown above. If that’s the case, we should expect another quick hotfix in the coming hours since hearing an enemy jungler using his ability in Fog of War seems pretty broken, to say the least.