Ludwig lost for words after ‘crazy’ League stream sniper blindly listens to ridiculous request

He did not expect it to happen.

Screengrab via Ludwig on YouTube

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren is a man of many talents. However, according to Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, playing League of Legends isn’t one of his strong suits because he’s “worse than a bot.” Still, that hasn’t stopped Ludwig from wanting to reunite with Tyler1 to prove his worth. So, to convince him, he’s been grinding games to show his improvement.

He’s become interested in playing jungle and has been queuing with that as his primary role and support as his secondary in games on Summoner’s Rift.

However, that means sometimes he’ll have to settle on playing support, even when he doesn’t want to. That’s what happened during his stream on Sep. 14.

But, in hilarious Ludwig fashion, he managed to worm his way out.

Image via Riot Games

Ludwig tested his luck by making an indecent proposal on stream. “If somebody on the other team is trying to stream sniper me and you are watching this, can you dodge so that I can play a jungle game?” he said.

The odds of one of the five players on the other League team stream sniping him were slim, let alone one who was willing to follow his wild demand since it meant they would receive a dodge penalty and have to delay playing for a limited time.

So, Ludwig didn’t think it would actually happen. But to his surprise, it did. Someone hilariously left the game moments after he asked. “That’s crazy,” he said, as he burst out laughing.

It took him a while to stop laughing, but when he did, he thanked the stream sniper for their noble sacrifice.

“That was fucking crazy. Yo, shoutout to you, bro. Appreciate that,” he said.

Ludwig’s summoner level is a little over 30, which means he’s just high enough to start playing ranked and has a long way to go to impress Tyler1, but he’s as determined as ever.