Lucian buffs are live on the PBE

Will we see this familiar face return to the rift in competitive play?

Image via Riot Games

ADC players everywhere are rejoicing as buffs for Lucian have hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The PBE is a testing ground for later patches, which means the official changes for Lucian might be revealed in the not-so-distant future. Nevertheless, it is good news to see ADCs finally getting some buffs to help them compete in the current meta.

The buffs detailed by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, include:

  • “Q cast time now scales from 0.4s down to 0.25s by Lucian’s level (was 0.35 flat previously).
  • W cast time is now 0.25s, LoL’s standard/default cast time, rather than 0.35.
  • Post cast lock on both Q and W should now be able to be consistently overridden by other actions (attacks, movement, spell casts) rather than sometimes requiring multiple clicks on a target, clicking to move then clicking to attack etc.”

The buffs are mainly targeting his cast times and consistency to make him more reliable on Summoner’s Rift.

It is always worth noting that these changes are tentative and can be changed before the official patch goes live. But, for now, Lucian mains can get excited that their favorite gunslinger is potentially getting buffed.

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