LS says his team can't attend the Tyler1 Championship Series due to visa issues

Some of the players didn't want to get separated, either.

Photo via Riot Games

Streamer and caster Nick “LS” De Cesare has confirmed that his League of Legends team will no longer be attending the 2019 Tyler1 Championship Series because of visa issues with two of his players.

LS explained that one of his players ran into problems when trying to get a visa to the U.S., while AD carry Oh “MyeongJin” Myeong-jin was still waiting on his own visa to enter the country after getting picked up by CLG’s Academy team.

Ultimately, his players didn’t want to play separated by having some people competing from Canada or Mexico, so they had no choice but to bow out of the tournament. LS said that they even considered playing on ping from Korea, but it wouldn’t have been fair or worth their time.

LS’ League team consisted of former bbq Olivers players Heo “Heokong” Seong-joo, Sebastian “Malice” Edholm, Jeong “autumn” Soo-hwan, MyeongJin, and current Rogue Esports Club mid laner, Marcin “Selfie” Wolski.

Some fans asked why the team couldn’t just compete from Canada or Mexico. LS said that “there would be no way to find accommodation for all six on such short notice” and that finding new plane tickets right before the tournament would be a big hassle.

Instead, LS said that the team will be competing in the Korean Challengers qualifier, which could end up becoming an even greater opportunity for the roster if they win the tournament.