LS says he’s gotten coaching offers from League teams in NA, EU, Korea, and China

The 26-year-old caster could be getting another shot at coaching next year.

Photo via Riot Games

Popular caster and League of Legends personality Nicholas “LS” De Cesare has confirmed reports that he’s received multiple coaching offers from teams in the North American, European, Korean, and Chinese competitive scenes.

In addition to an offer to cast the LCK again, the 26-year-old said he’s gotten four offers from NA, two from Europe and Korea, and one offer from a team in China. He also said he “got reached out to” by other teams, but those aren’t confirmed yet so he can’t speak on those opportunities.

LS eventually said that “something is going to happen” prior to the start of the upcoming offseason because he prefers things to be stable moving into the future. In fact, he’ll be meeting up with T1’s CEO Joe Marsh in the next few days to discuss a possible position with the team.

T1 recently failed to qualify for the 2020 World Championship after several shifts in the team’s roster—including the benching of legendary mid laner Faker—and the possible hiring of LS onto the coaching staff could mark yet another big move for the iconic organization.

Over the past few years, LS has quickly become one of the most respected and liked personalities in the League scene. From his great insight on games, team compositions, and playstyles, his in-depth analysis on different aspects of the game has been well-documented.

LS also has some coaching experience under his belt already, including his most recent stint with bbq Olivers, a Korean League team that competed in Challengers Korea and the 2018 KeSPA Cup. Before that, however, he did have some coaching appearances with NA’s Gravity and Tempo Storm in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

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