LPL Spring Split dark horse Rare Atom win first Summer Split game against OMG

The team didn't change any members of its roster during the offseason.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Rare Atom picked up a convincing 2-0 victory over Oh My God today to start their 2021 LPL Summer Split.

RA were considered a dark horse during the last split, securing a playoff spot after a nine-game win streak. While their playoff run was cut short by FunPlus Phoenix after a 3-1 to them, RA have come back strong to kick off the Summer Split.

The MVP votes were picked up by jungler Leyan and mid laner FoFo, two reliable players who proved that they can carry when given the opportunity last split. The 18-year-old jungler picked up his MVP vote for an outstanding performance on Viego, finishing the game with a 5/0/5 scoreline after exerting a lot of pressure on his opponents. FoFo picked up his MVP vote for his Viego playstyle as well, using the champion’s flexibility in the mid lane to dominate the opposing Akali and snowball the match. He had 90 percent kill participation and a scoreline of 2/0/7 toward the end of the game.

RA looked in control of both games from the get-go. They acquired early leads due to their superior macro, which left OMG with no choice but to slowly lose their towers and vision in the jungle. While the MVP votes went to RA’s jungler and mid laner for today’s matches, one player who exerted a lot of pressure throughout today’s series and wasn’t credited for it was iBoy. The AD carry had two strong performances on Kai’Sa and Ezreal, two great champions that are dominating the bottom lane meta at this time.

Another star for RA today was the champion Viego. He helped them score two victories in two different roles, jungle and mid lane. While the champion was released at the start of the year, teams across all regions couldn’t play him in competitive due to the multitude of bugs he had. With most of them fixed, according to Riot, we’re finally getting a glimpse of what the champion is capable of in competitive play.

He’s a triple-flex champion who can go either top, jungle, or mid, making him one of the best early draft picks to build a composition around. RA used him today as a tanky champion in the jungle and as an assassin in the mid lane, showcasing the champion’s potential.

RA will be back on the Rift on June 10 to face off against LGD Gaming at 6am CT.

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