22 June 2015 - 21:20

LPL Week 5: Top 3 Picks for Each Role

Here is the LPL Week 5 top picks for each role. Biggest change is Leblanc fell off due to her nerfs and the reintroduction of Caitlyn. Top #1 Hecarim/Ryze #2 Maokai #3 Fizz Hecarim and Ryze are at the top of the list for top laners.

Here is the LPL Week 5 top picks for each role. Biggest change is Leblanc fell off due to her nerfs and the reintroduction of Caitlyn. 





#1 Hecarim/Ryze

#2 Maokai

#3 Fizz


Hecarim and Ryze are at the top of the list for top laners. Hecarim can snowball very hard and impact all lanes mean while Ryze remains far too strong for red side to leave up. Both these champions had a 100% ban/pick rate.

Maokai received more love this week. His dependability throughout the game is something many teams like and he becomes a very strong front line in the later parts of the game.

Fizz priority dropped a bit this week.  Fizz is still a strong pick when used correctly, but the risk of him falling behind can make teams cautious to take him. 



#1 Viktor

#2 Ekko

#3 Azir


Viktor love is fully here in China. Viktor provides the damage, wave clear, and choke control that teams want and with Sivir being such a big pick she synergizes well with Viktor.

Ekko was only played 5 times this week, but 4 out of 5 of the games were in the mid lane. Even though Ekko can be played in the jungle and top lane I give priority to mid lane because the majority of the games were played in mid lane. Ekko continues to be a scary flex pick for teams that want to bait the enemy team to pick either safer or take a risky pick that then can be counter picked.

Azir came back this week. I believe it is partially due to the Leblanc nerfs where she received almost no play this week. Azir is also still a very strong pick that can be played in a variety of comps so no surprise for him this week.



#1 Rek’sai

#2 Gragas

#3 Ekko


Rek’sai finally became the queen of jungle this week. Rek’sai was heavily picked this week and her early aggression and map mobility are great tools in the hands of Chinese junglers. We’ll see if she can remain on top for week 6.

Gragas fell down one spot, but not by much. Gragas still boasted a 91.67% ban/pick rate. However, teams that have junglers who can play Nidalee decided to grab her along with some Nocturne and Sejuani picks.

Ekko is my third jungler for this week. Even though out of the 5 games played this week he was only played jungle once the fact that he can jungle rather well and provide early aggression is a big plus for aggressive teams.



#1 Alistar

#2 Nautilus

#3 Thresh/Janna


Alistar is still here. He has what any team would want besides a few teams might be looking for some very specific skills in their support like a long range CC (binding, hooks), large disengage, or mobility boosters.

Nautilus is second this week. Nautilus gives the team a free CC on a priority target which is very big and has good follow up.

Thresh and Janna take the third spot. More aggressive comps call for the good old disengage queen Janna.  As for Thresh he will always be utilized each week because he has a very balanced kit with CC, disengage, and lifesaving lantern.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Corki/Caitlyn


Kalista is here again. Can’t take away her dragon/baron control and set ups with fate’s call.

Sivir is continuing to fit into the meta very nicely. She has great damage and her ultimate provides the speed boost for Hecarim, Viktor, Ryze, Ekko, and several other champions that can utilize it to great effect.

Corki and Caitlyn are at the #3 spot. Corki is a stable pick which not only provides poke, but also a strong mid game for teams that are a bit weak in this area. Caitlyn also provides good poke damage along with strong harassing capability in the early game and has long range for sieges. Her passive buff is very strong with the ignore 50% armor and allows her to kill tanks faster.

Credit to esportspedia and lolesports for the data and pictures. 

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