LPL Week 4: EDG’s Koro talks about Pawn’s Veigar

Let's first congratulate EDG for defeating GT 2-0. We'll be interviewing the much loved Koro. Hi Koro~ Koro: Hi everyone. I'm EDG's top laner Koro.

Let’s first congratulate EDG for defeating GT 2-0. We’ll be interviewing the much loved Koro. Hi Koro~

Koro: Hi everyone. I’m EDG’s top laner Koro.

Your first game went pretty smoothly but there seemed to be some confusion in your second game. You let your opposing top laner get pretty fed. How do you feel about that?

Koro: I felt awful~ haha.

How so?

Koro: He got really fed and I couldn’t beat him.

What was your state of mind at the time?

Koro: I just told myself to farm up so I can stay even and team fight.

EDG isn’t lacking in experience when it comes to big matches. Who was shot-calling? And how did you manage to steady your mentality?

Koro: Everyone talks but the main shot-caller is Clearlove. He’ll try to provide assistance to the lanes and try to farm at the same time.

No matter what, you still managed to get the victory. One highlight I want to mention is Pawn’s Veigar. This isn’t a champion that is seen on stage often. Why did he choose Veigar? Was it to synergize with Nunu and Rumble? Or has he been practicing this champion a lot?

Koro: He plays a lot of solo-queue and he wanted to use Veigar during this match. He’s also used it before during scrims and practice.

How did you feel about him playing it? Or how do you feel about this champion in this new patch?

Koro: In this patch, this champion is more viable. His E is strong and his damage output is really high, so he can burst down someone easily.

Will your team be using this champion in the future?

Koro: Yes, there’s a possibility.

It seems like you’re still in the process of making adjustments in your team.

Koro: Yes, we are.

Are there any upcoming matches that make you feel a bit pressured? Or are there any matches that you’re looking forward to?

Koro: Are you talking about later on?

Yep, after this.

Koro: OMG, probably.

You’ll probably do some preparations for battle, right?

Koro: Yep~

Congratulations EDG for getting their full 3 points for each match~ we’re looking forward to their upcoming matches. Thank you Koro for interviewing with us today~