LPL rookie Qingtian joins Top Esports

He won the LDL Spring Split and earned the FMVP title.

Photo via Riot Games

A rookie from the LDL, Yu “Qingtian” Zi-Han, joined League of Legends team Top Esports.

The LPL organization announced the news today, another addition addition after the signing of coach Crescent yesterday.

“Qingtian played for Young Miracles in the past and was voted as the FMVP of 2021 LDL Spring Split,” the announcement reads. The toplaner also earned 15 MVP votes throughout the split, which is the highest number earned by one player. He also boasted a 60.3 percent kill participation rate.

Young Miracles was the star team from the 2021 LDL Spring Split. They ended up in first place, then grabbed the title in the playoffs.

Qingtian undoubtedly played a crucial part in YM’s success during the split, despite it being his very first experience in the national official league. The 19-year-old player has gained strong momentum, and it might give be a breath of fresh air for TES’ upcoming split. By stepping onto the LPL stage for the first time and competing alongside veterans such as Karsa and JackeyLove, there is no doubt this move will mark a significant step up in his promising career.

After a strong 2020 season, TES have struggled during the 2021 LPL Spring Split. They ended the split in third place, but then bounced out of the playoffs in fourth place after a loss to eventual champions RNG. It’s unclear if Qingtian will share the toplane with 369, or if the latter will switch teams ahead of the upcoming Split.

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