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Low Elo Guide by Diaox

Low Elo Guide by Diaox Introduction: Hey Guys my name is Diaox. I play League since mid Season 3 and my current Elo is Plat II on my main account aswell as multiple smurfs in lower Plat - high Gold.
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Low Elo Guide by Diaox

  1. Introduction:

Hey Guys my name is Diaox. I play League since mid Season 3 and my current Elo is Plat II on my main account aswell as multiple smurfs in lower Plat - high Gold. I play alot with lower rated IRL friends of mine which are currently mid goldish. I peaked D5 last season before i quit the game to play World of Warcraft's WoD Expansion. Shortly before the seasons end i ended up decaying to Plat I which I ended up closing the season with. In S3 i was stuck in Silver II but after playing alot more games i managed to get Platinum II in Season 4, followed by Diamond 5 in the last one. I hope i can help alot of people in between the "depths" of Bronze - Gold. 

  1. Coverage:

This Guide will cover:

  • Champion Picks (incl. Tierlist)
  • One Trick Pony vs Flexability
  • Mindset & Playstyle
  • General / Closing Thoughts


  1. Champion Picks:

First let me point out what makes a champion good (highly recommended) for lower elos. Obviously you can climb with any champion with enough work put into that but this guide focuses on giving you a champion pool that provides much more immediate and faster results.

First of all lets talk about one of the more controverse opinions - champions with high mechanical skill requirments - Riven,  Zed, Yasuo for example, in lower elos. As I wrote above in the guide it focuses more on immediate results rather than champs you have to spend a large amount of time loosing on until you start getting the mechanics and start winning. I personally recommend to start by playing less mechanical and playstyle knowledge (Twisted Fate) demanding champions. Also consider that playing less demanding champions gives you the opportunity to focus on the more basic sides of the game. Especially when starting to climb playing a champion with a very clear goal or playstyle (for example Annie) provides you better results than others.

My second most important fact about deciding on a champion to play will be scaling. Especially in lower elo's do not pick champions that have to abuse their early game in order to stay relevant in the Lategame (Lee Sin, Blitzcrank being examples). Play champions that are fine with farming it out but also shine in mid game Skrimishes. I'll recommend champions later on in the "Tier List" Chapter.


  1. Tier List:

For a great tier list based on all different elo’s in the game i recommend checking out Lastshadows „Tier List Video / Imgur“ which can be found under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9ZWvmk1v1E

I agree fort he most Part with his Tierlist and he also explains stuff very well in the video so you should totally check that out.


  1. One trick vs Flexability

A frequently asked question is also whether or not you should stick to one champ or get yourself a bigger champion pool. Especially starting from lower elo I highly recommend to spamm one champion that can be very flexable in which lane it can be played and also fits into the other criteria’s mentioned above. Since the addition of Dynamic que keeping yourself to a low champion pool but showing more experitse on them has become alot more effective. Lets look at the criterias at the top again and look at some champs that fit into that roll very well.

Annie can be played Top aswell as Mid and even in the Support role in some cases. Vladimir can be used in both lanes aswell which gives you some kind of security going into the game and makes you able to play more comfortable because you are used to the champion no matter which of  the two lanes you end up getting.


  1. Mindset & Playstyle

One oft he most frequent mistakes i see in lower elos are people going for trades everytime they get in range of the opposing laner not considering any level, minion or item advantage. Especially since picking these well scaling picks that are pretty good in the midgame clownfiestas low elo games become, playing farm centric can work very well. Only go for trades that advantage you heavily until you exactly learn how much your champion can do from muscle memory. I also have to say that around midgame when the crazy phase of the game usually starts you shouldnt sacrafice objectives or teamfights for the sole purpose of getting farm. Think about what you are doing and what your goal is for the next few minutes frequently in the game. Especially as toplaner don’t sacrafice your team for a bit of farm. Plan ahead when you have to leave your lane and group up and when you actually have to splitpush in order to keep pushing your lead on the enemy team.

Also remember how important objectives are! Drakes for example don’t just give them away for free. The drake buff has a lot of undervalued stats that actually change the outcome of games and turn pressure on your enemys to stop you from getting anywhere near the fifth which enabels you to put a timer on the game. Remember to bring wards, pinks especially. Deny enemy vision keep the right trinkets to provide yourself with vision or again deny the enemy and force them to react to you instead of overforcing mid pushes for example. Baron can be very effective to bait enemys in for free kills in low elo. Don’t underestimate vision. It totally can win you games! Also stops the game from becoming this wierd five man ARAM mid that ends up into huge throwfests of overextension and misplays. Remember to keep your farm up throught the game but do not sacrafice your team for farm, join ur team in the fights. Also remember that Baron usually either win or looses you the game so be careful when u actually start it and try to finish it instead of pulling out and resetting.

Another frequent mistakes i see are Item Builds. Focus on what you build and the clear purpose behind each item you buy. Think about what you need is it health , resistances more dmg or even the utility that a zhonyas or a qss could provide?


  1. Closing Thoughts

So if you wanna climb what are the steps that i recommend you to take in order to come up with conclusions from this wall of text.

  • Create yourself a fitting champion pool (playstyle, difficulty, goal specific)
  • Start by focusing on that ONE champion (consider the facts I wrote about above)
  • Play a lot of Games and think about what to do at every point in the game aswell as Item Builds. What do I NEED right now?
  • Take a quick break after every game (que time might be enough) and think about what you were unhappy about in the last game and how you can learn off that and improve.
  • Stay with these basics at first and be sure master your champion once you are done with that you can focus on more indepth stuff like each individual matchups


Thanks for reading my Guide and I hope that I could help you with your first Steps to climbing the Ladder! <3




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