Looking ahead to week 2 of NA LCS

Week one brought us piles of excitement and a first look at some rosters no one really expected.

     Week one brought us piles of excitement and a first look at some rosters no one really expected. With many games heading into the later stages of the game, something not see in typical soloQ, we were able to see the depth of shotcalling these teams currently have. Leading to some spectacular plays and even a record being broken it really set the bar high for the rest of the split. 

     With 6 teams ending 1-1 on the week 2 clear front runners have already started to distance themselves. NRG winning their first game of the split with 2 subs in place and then dominating Renegades in their second game are on pace to be the 2nd place team that most people were expecting. The other new kid on the block Immortals found it fitting to live up to their name in a record breaking win against TIP on sunday. With these two teams meeting this sunday things are already set up for this to be the hands down game of the week. 

     At the other end of the table TIP are already working on solidifying their spot at the bottom. Starting the season with their hodge podge of players things could have been better. After a respectable game against EchoFox they were straight up disrespected by Immortals. TIP’s partners in infamy at the bottom are Team Liquid. After drumming up some hype around their fancy new 10 man roster things fell apart on the rift. Using the regular starters Lourlo IWD and Smoothie they had a hard fought loss to Renegades, finally having their Nexus last hit after 60 long minutes. In their second match they decided to switch things up a bit, to the dismay of many fantasy team owners. Replacing IWD and Smoothie with Dardoch and Matt respectively things seemed to go exceptionally smoother. At the last minute however they decided to bite off more than they could chew. TSM was able to stall and kite out long enough to win one final teamfight and push through 4 towers and claim the win. It’s a rough life starting so low on the ladder. 

     This coming week could begin to shape the general view of playoff contenders vs teams straining to avoid Relegation. Teams will have had even more time to perfect the patch and work out their own strategies. With many teams defaulting to the old 4-0 tower push style I am sure many fans eagerly await a more entertaining early game to combine with the action packed mid and late game.