LoL world champion calls for Riot to focus more on reworks over more new champions

And the community agrees.

Naafiri stalks her prey alongside her pack.
Image via Riot Games

On Sept. 14, Briar became the 165th champion added to the League of Legends champion pool. The developers at Riot Games are regularly adding new champs to the roster, but two-time world champion BeryL believes they should focus on reworks instead.

In an interview on Sept. 15, posted on Korean site, DRX’s BeryL shared his thoughts about Riot’s strategy regarding champions. The support player thinks the devs should shift towards reworking champs who need such updates, instead of making new ones.

“What kind of new champ is this if we can’t even get the balance right,” BeryL said, according to a translation. “In my opinion, there are more than 20 champions that need to be remade,” the 26-year-old added.

The post made it to Reddit on Sept. 20, where many fans agreed with BeryL’s statement, or at least did so partly.

Briar smiles strangely in the new Feeding Frenzey League of Legends teaser trailer.
Briar is the newest champion on Summoner’s Rift. Screenshot by Dot Esports

“I mean, we already have a lot of champions, updating old champions should be the priority,” one of the top comments reads. “Riot needs to rework at least 10 champions next year,” another one added. However, a lot of players also think Riot should focus on delivering mid-scope updates rather than full-scope reworks.

In 2023, three new champions have joined League’s roster—Milio, Naafiri, and Briar. In that year, six of them also received major gameplay updates, including Rell, Neeko, Yuumi, and Jax. Therefore, it’s quite clear Riot has been focusing on tweaking the existing champions in the roster, but it seems like in the eyes of some regular and pro players, it’s not enough.

There are a bunch of other champion updates scheduled, but they will likely arrive in 2024. Skarner is likely the most-anticipated champion rework, which has been teased by the developers numerous times.


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