LMS 2016: AHQ Defends Undefeated Streak vs Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun had a strong start to the game by picking up more kills and dragons than ahq, but were unable to stay ahead and lost their lead in a poorly-chosen mid-game fight.

Week 4, Day 2: Thursday, February 4

ahq e-Sports Club vs Midnight Sun e-Sports, Game 1

  ahq MSE
Bans LoL KassadinLoL ViktorLoL Elise LoL FizzLoL Tahm KenchLoL Twisted Fate
Team Gold 56.8k 52.7k
Towers 7 4
Dragons/Barons 0 D / 0 B 3 D / 0 B
Role ahq Pick Kills: 10 Kills: 6 Pick MSE
Top LoL Trundle Ziv 5 2/0/4 0/2/2 4 Ninuo LoL Poppy
Jng LoL Graves Mountain 3 4/1/6 1/2/2 4 Wulala LoL Rek'Sai
Mid LoL Lulu Westdoor 3 1/1/7 1/1/0 2 M1ssion LoL Corki
Adc LoL Lucian AN 5 3/3/6 3/3/1 2 CorGi LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar Albis 1  0/1/7  1/2/4 6 Kaiwing LoL Thresh

First blood: Mountain LoL Graves with Ziv LoL Trundle on has slain Ninuo LoL Poppy at 4:16

Midnight Sun had a strong start to the game by picking up more kills and dragons than ahq, but were unable to stay ahead and lost their lead in a poorly-chosen mid-game fight.

The game started off in a standard manner with a little bit of trading on all sides until Mountain LoL Graves strolled into the top lane four minutes into the game. Even though Ninuo LoL Poppy had placed a ward into the river bush and saw Mountain walking up, he was a bit too deep in Ziv‘s LoL Trundle side of lane by the time he noticed Mountain. Ziv made the area his Frozen Domain to speed himself up, and Mountain dropped a Smoke Screen, allowing the two to catch up to Ninuo. After taking a lot of damage, Ninuo flashed to his turret, but was blocked by Ziv‘s Pillar of Ice. Mountain, not expecting the pillar, also flashed into turret range for another hit before dashing out. He then killed Ninuo for a first blood at 4:16.

Thirty seconds later, Midnight Sun took back a kill in response: Albis LoL Alistar attempted to engage a fight onto CorGi LoL Kalista with a Headbutt-Pulverize combo after AN LoL Lucian began his retreat, giving Kaiwing LoL Thresh an opportunity to damage AN freely. Badly hurt and desperately seeking AN out, AN flashed towards the river as Kaiwing and CorGi walked towards ahq’s tower, but CorGi turned around and ultimately killed AN.

M1ssion LoL Corki speedily returned to lane with a package at 8:30 and was able to steal a Red Brambleback buff from Mountain thanks to a Vision Ward that Wulala LoL Rek'Sai had placed earlier in ahq’s jungle. Mountain was forced to back off, so he cleared out the Krugs and headed down to the bottom lane. Wulala burrowed his way to the river bush at the same time. Kaiwing Flayed Albis and AN towards himself, then placed The Box onto both ahq bottom laners and ignited Albis. Albis flashed to Pulverize CorGi as Mountain dashed towards the fight, but Ninuo began his teleport onto a minion as Wulala burrowed in. Seeing Ninuo‘s teleport channel, Ziv also teleported in, but CorGi was able to finish Albis off and dash out with less than 150 health points left. Ziv then casted Collateral Damage straight into CorGi as Kaiwing was pulled out by Fate’s Call; Kaiwing attempted to land onto AN but overestimated AN‘s dash and hit a wall instead. Ninuo, Wulala, and Kaiwing were ultimately able to remove themselves from the fight; Ziv and Ninuo returned to their lanes after healing up in their respective bases.

Though Kaiwing had less than of his health-bar left, he stayed in lane with a full-health Wulala. Mountain hid in a bush as Kaiwing advanced towards AN. Mountain then dashed forward and flashed into Kaiwing, thinking that Wulala had left, but Kaiwing flashed out and threw a Death Sentence onto Mountain. Kaiwing flayed Mountain into turret range as Wulala unburrowed under him, and with the help of the turret Kaiwing was able to take out Mountain.

While Mountain was respawning, MSE picked up their first Dragon at 10:30.

Five minutes later, as Albis roamed up to help Westdoor LoL Lulu and Mountain take down the mid-lane turret, CorGi grabbed Kaiwing and landed a hit onto AN as he dashed into the jungle and out of range of his turret. As AN was disabled from the knock-up of Fate’s Call, Kaiwing Flayed him back and CorGi stepped in with a Pierce onto AN. Once again desperate, AN tried to flash across a wall and into the river, but faceplanted to give CorGi his third kill. In the meantime, ahq was unable to take the mid turret down.

After they took out AN, CorGi and Kaiwing laid low in a lane bush with Wulala to wait for AN‘s return. As the unsuspecting AN pushed a wave of minions, Wulala burrowed into AN as Kaiwing flash-Flayed him; Wulala then knocked him up by unburrowing, Kaiwing laid down The Box, and CorGi hit him a few times. AN swiftly died to Wulala, and the bottom outer turret was finished off by CorGi and Kaiwing.

Despite a four-kill and three-dragon lead, Midnight Sun was unable to capitalize on their advantage; they could not even hold their meager 3k gold lead. Immediately after taking their third dragon, MSE lost their inner mid-lane turret. Instead of letting ahq leave, MSE rushed in; Kaiwing landed a Death Sentence onto Albis, but Albis shook it off with Unbreakable Will and flashed into MSE. Albis Pulverized and Headbutted Wulala into a choke where the rest of ahq was waiting. AN, Westdoor, Mountain, and Albis all piled onto Wulala and killed him even as he flashed out.

Kaiwing threw himself into ahq with CorGi‘s ultimate and immediately flashed back out. Ninuo and Ziv finally completed their teleportation onto their mid-lane minions to join the fight. After flashing out, Kaiwing was able to hook Mountain, but Westdoor gave Mountain a shield and embiggened him with Wild Growth, knocking up both Kaiwing and Ninuo. Kaiwing died to Mountain, CorGi was crushed by Ziv, and Ninuo fell as well, leaving M1ssion to defend his base alone. He was not able to keep ahq out.

This mid-game fight gave ahq four kills and zero losses, plus two mid-lane turrets and an inhibitor.

MSE lost another 4-0 team-fight to ahq at 30 minutes and lost the game immediately after, allowing ahq to continue their win streak.


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Week 4; Day 2

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