Leona player helps Ashe secure a 2-vs-5 pentakill against all odds in League solo queue

This is how you carry your team as a support player.

Image via Riot Games

An Ashe player recently posted a clip of an amazing performance by their Leona support, who helped them pick up a two-vs-five pentakill in League of Legends solo queue.

After their mid laner and jungler got caught out, the bottom lane went to stop the opposing team from securing the dragon. While the odds were against them in this situation, a beautiful play by the Leona helped Ashe secure a clean pentakill and maintain their deathless scoreline.

The fight began with Ashe and Leona picking off the singled-out top lane Jayce who wanted to add another kill to his KDA. After a quick Enchanted Crystal Arrow by Ashe, Jayce was the first to fall in this slaughter. Leona then followed up with her ultimate on the opposing ADC and support, while also sticking around her Ashe to provide assistance if needed.

One by one, the opposing players fell with Ashe finishing them off. A slight misplay of attacking the Anivia in her passive form while Hecarim was assassinating Ashe almost stopped the pentakill, but in the end, the play worked out.

As is seemingly a tradition in League solo queue, Ashe’s teammates started pinging her following this mid-game pentakill while Leona’s efforts went unnoticed. This has been happening since the beginning of League. Support players carry various games but their efforts are seemingly ignored due to the majority of players mostly paying attention to KDA or creep kills.

But at least this Ashe player was likely grateful for Leona’s assistance in picking up the pentakill in an unlikely situation.

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