Lee Sin player indirectly stops a kill attempt on his teammate with a flash and ultimate combo

A failed Resonating Strike ended up working out wonders for the Lee Sin.

Image via Riot Games

Lee Sin is featured in many highlight clips in League of Legends. He’s one of the most mechanical intensive champions, capable of a lot of outplays due to his ultimate that knocks enemies in a certain direction.

One League player recently shared a clip of them using the combination of flash and Lee’s ultimate, a combo known as an Insec, to indirectly save his teammate from the opposing Rengar, who was ready to pick up a kill.

The action started with the Lee Sin player heading to the bottom lane to try to secure a quick kill on the enemy Lucian, who was wandering around the river carelessly. After a failed Resonating Strike, the Lee player walked toward the Lucian before using his Safeguard to close the distance and prepare for an ultimate on the squishy carry. As soon as he was in range, he used his flash and ultimate to knock Lucian toward Vayne for an easy kill. But the opposing Rengar, who was using his ultimate, unexpectedly got knocked up too.

This move led to two quick kills and no deaths for Lee Sin’s team. The situation could have gone horribly wrong for Lee’s team if Rengar completed his jump. And if the Lee player landed his first Resonatring Strike, it’s unlikely that he would have gotten off this combo to save his Vayne from the opposing jungler who was out for blood.

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